Xerox backs wearable technology

Wearable technology will help push organisations that embrace it ahead of competitors, says Xerox.

In a recent blog, Xerox Agile Workplace SVP Jim Joyce, wrote that while the time of ‘smart mobility’ is well and truly upon us, a new generation of technology will redefine how we live and work, far beyond the smartphone and tablet devices in use today.

Joyce is referring to wearable technology such as the recently launched Google glasses, wi-fi watches and clothing. He points out that today’s mobile devices offer data flow, which can be collected and analysed. Wearable technology, while also providing mountains of useful information that can be mined, will also assist employees in carrying out work-related activities, creating an agile workplace.

This type of technology could transform schools, hospitals, manufacturing plants and service companies, alerting workers and control centres to workplace hazards and helping mitigate associated risks, for example.

This is where Xerox clearly sees the future workplace and the company is already working with businesses to create a mobile enterprise by enabling “mobile, cloud, big data and analytics to work together”, wrote Joyce.

But, he added, “The real heart of workplace agility is its focus on people… they are the ones who will define which companies are the most successful and agile and likely to be the pioneers of the newest wearables and related devices”.

Norwalk (CT), USA

By Michelle Sturman , 04 August 2014, source:

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