Xanita creates a world first

An entire expo – made from X-Board.

“X” is the name on everybody’s lips when it comes to innovation and versatility of exhibition and point-of-sale display materials, following the recent Cape Wine 2012 show at the CTICC, where Xanita X-Board was used to construct all of the 278 exhibition stands, in line with the event’s vision of being both green and sustainable. But how does “X” mark the green spot and tick designer boxes?

The x-factor in the material

A greener alternative to MDF, particle-board and foam-core boards, this locally made 100% recyclable product is engineered with the environment in mind and is made from post-consumer recycled cellulose fibres, such as kraft cardboard boxes and sugar cane bagasse.

The use of X-Board at Cape Wine 2012, demonstrated the strength and versatility of this unique product, as well as its ability to be custom-branded to suit specific design requirements of each business.

Xanita X-Board is incredibly lightweight, with a high strength-to-weight ratio and crush resistance – it can be flexed or folded into a 90 degree angle without breaking or buckling, so the board can be re-used many times. It is quick to set up or break down and packs flat for easy storage and transportation.

“These attributes make Xanita X-Board extremely economical and sustainable in reducing the carbon footprint of business as well as saving money otherwise spent on labour during lengthy installations or transport of bulky products,” said Xanita director James Beattie.

The x-factor in design

The X-Boards are fully customisable in terms of shaping and printing, allowing designers to literally think outside the box, unleash their creativity and brand product in an innovative way. Design Indaba 2012 participants played with the X-Board, where they conceptualised on-trend branding in the form of banners, trees, tables and chairs that carried forward the creative ethos for which Design Indaba stands.  In response to Design Indaba 2012’s theme of “I am not a designer. This is not just a board,” said Xanita creative director, Mike McElwee.

Xanita is changing the way the design world looks at exhibition stands and point of sale (POS) displays, shop fittings, three-dimensional signage, design of flat pack furniture and architecture and even coffins.

“The design capacity and possibilities of this product are as endless as your imagination,” said Beattie.  This is no doubt why Xanita has an in-house team of brilliant X-Board designers who translate concepts into workable and clever solutions.

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