World’s first fully automatic laminator launched by ACCO

GBC, ACCO’s global leading laminating and binding brand, is launching the world’s first automatic laminator: the GBC Foton 30.

For the first time, users will be able to load a laminator with up to 30 sheets of paper, press run, and leave the machine to produce high-quality laminated output time after time, every time. Load – Press – Done. It’s as simple as that.

This game-changing development brings roll film lamination in a unique cartridge format and combines it with Auto Feed paper technology to simplify and speed up the traditionally complex lamination process. Simply load a document into the Auto Feed paper tray as you would a printer. There is no need to manually insert the document into a pouch; the innovative Foton 30 processes the document applying the lamination film automatically. It’s perfect lamination without a pouch.

Fully automated, with no manual intervention required and no misfeeds, the GBC Foton 30’s internally heated four roller system produces a high-quality laminated document. It’s advanced sensors automatically detects the document and film thickness, for perfect results.

Other ground-breaking features include an integrated deskew system to ensure jam free lamination with perfect positioning and borders; a feeder sensor detects leading and trailing edges for perfect document trimming.

The GBC Foton 30 is highly versatile, with three operating modes: From fully automatic to manual feed and manual cut, great for non-standard sized paper including small odd shapes up to large banners.

Finally, the user experience of the GBC Foton 30 includes a comprehensive range of features and indicators. Cartridge installation is simple and fool proof, while the ‘Auto Shutoff’ function saves energy. The ‘Ready’ and ‘Warming up’ indicator and the ‘Film Low/ Empty’ warning light ensure an efficient operation.

Ideal for users with high-volume lamination requirements, the GBC Foton 30 will be the largest product launch in the lamination category since carrier free laminators were launched by GBC in the 1990’s. Bill Bayley, Managing Director of Rexel Office Products, says: “The Foton 30 is the most significant new product in the lamination category for well over a decade. GBC remains focused on driving innovative, high-quality and dependable products for the lamination and binding category.”

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