Woodpro seals, protects wooden surfaces

Exposure to the elements can be detrimental to unprotected wood, leaving it warped, discoloured and unappealing. Protect your wooden surfaces with Woodpro Water-Based Wood Sealer from Prominent Paints, a new lead free, low odour product launched in the Woodpro range, now in store and available in 1l or 5l tins.

Woodpro Water-Based Wood Sealer, a penetrating wood sealer on a water-based acrylic resin, enhances the natural beauty of wooden surfaces while it nourishes, seals and protects. It dries to a natural matt finish and is ideal for use on doors, window frames, furniture, cupboards and skirting boards.

Weather-resistant, long-lasting and perfectly suited for both interior and exterior wooden surfaces, this environmentally friendly product in the Prominent Paints range is this season’s latest sealing solution.

Protect wood from damage
Wood can enhance the interior of your home or outdoor area and may even increase the value of your property. Choosing a wood care solution from Prominent Paints’ Woodpro range by PPG, a world leader in coatings, is the first step to protecting your investment – indoors or out.

Wood products need ongoing protection against the harsh South African sun, as well as other elements like wind and rain. When wood heats up in the sun, it expands and when it cools down, it contracts. These continual changes can have damaging effects on unprotected wood, which tends to absorb moisture. Wood which has not been properly sealed or correctly maintained may become warped and cracked and is susceptible to mould growth and decay.

A water-based product, Woodpro is quick-drying and can be re-coated within four hours using a brush and comes standard in eight different colours. The end colour result will be determined by the type of wood you are sealing – whether hard or softwoods. Hardwoods dry to a darker finish than softwoods. Softwoods like pine, cedar and redwood are very porous and easily absorb moisture. They must be properly sealed for protection.

Hardwoods like meranti, oak and maple are not as porous as softwoods but must still be sealed to prevent damage from some moisture absorption. Another added benefit of this product is its non-yellowing properties. The product formulation ensures that over time the colour remains consistent.

Surface preparation
Good surface preparation can make or break your project, so spend time on this first and vital step. The surface must be sound, clean, dry and free from any loose or flaking material before you apply any product in the Woodpro range. Ensure good longevity and durability of your wood item by properly preparing the surface and applying the sealer correctly.

For new wood, use a fine grade sand paper and sand with the wood grain to a smooth finish. Remove all loose particles with a brush or damp cloth and apply a coat of Woodpro Water-Based Wood Sealer. Allow it to dry for four hours and for best results, sand the wood between coats using 280 to 320 grit sandpaper and apply another coat.

For previously treated wood, first strip the old finish back down to the natural wood, then follow the steps as indicated above for new wood.

Application tips:
* Wet several long strips of newspaper and place it on the glass when sealing window frames. The newspaper will easily adhere to the glass surface to keep the sealer off the glass, and is much easier to remove than tape.
* Use a flat paddle to mix your sealer. This will mix the sealer’s particles more thoroughly than a cylindrical tool like a dowel stick or rod.

For more call our customer care line on 0861 77 66 46.

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