In the wake of soaring fuel costs and ever growing environmental concerns, Garmin, global leaders in lifestyle and navigation technology, is proud to introduce the ecoRoute HD to South Africa. This new easy-to-install accessory transforms compatible Garmin navigation devices into real time diagnostic computers.


“The ecoRoute HD is yet another smart solution to further enrich the lives of our customers” says Walter Mech, Marketing and Sales Director of Garmin Southern Africa.  “This accessory encourages our customers to adopt an environmentally friendly driving behaviour to not only manage and reduce their carbon foot print but optimise fuel consumption and save costs through fuel efficient navigation.”


The cutting edge GPS technology of the ecoRoute HD with its user friendly interface allows owners of supported nüvi devices* [1310, 1410, 2360LT, 2460LT, 3760LT and 3790LT] to travel with ease, whether driving or planning for the next trip.


Save money

The ecoRoute HD enables owners of supported nüvi devices to save money on fuel costs by finding more fuel-efficient routes.  These routes are selected by factoring in fuel consumption data, the number of stops, speed limits, and more.  The ecoRoute HD also provides real-time feedback on driving efficiency.  Be it a slower start from a standstill or maintaining the most efficient speed, users will be aware of driving techniques that help improve fuel economy the most.


Conserve resources

Using the ecoRoute HD with a compatible Garmin nüvi will provide users with accurate details regarding fuel consumption based on driving habits.  Information includes the driver’s impact on the environment to petrol-saving tips whilst on the go.  To make sure data is as accurate as possible, ecoRoute HD allows for the creation of a custom profile based on details about the specific vehicle.


Fuel Report

Get at-a-glance information with ecoRoute’s Fuel Report.  Mileage reports generated indicate distance travelled on each trip as well as fuel economy for the route and the cost of 

fuel used.  Data can be used for planning future trips and keeping track of distance for mileage submissions and reimbursements. 


Driving challenge

Drivers are able to monitor their driving efficiency with ecoRoute’s Driving Challenge.  This fun-yet-effective challenge makes a game out of saving petrol by keeping a running score and reflecting current driving habits.  With real-time feedback based on performance, you can quickly view driving behaviour.  The better the driving habits, the higher your score, indicating better petrol mileage. 


Mileage reports

Keep track of your trips with ecoRoute’s Mileage Reports.  You’ll know the distance travelled on each trip as well as the fuel economy for the route and the cost of fuel used.  This data can be used for planning trips and keeping track of distance for mileage reimbursements.


Route cost

With ecoRoute’s Route preview nüvi users can plan ahead of time with information on the time, distance and total fuel cost of the planned route all on one easy-to-read screen.


The ecoRoute HD is available at selected retailers’ nationwide at a recommended retail price of R 1,495.00 (Inc. VAT).


*The monitoring of vehicle diagnostics by the ecoRoute HD is OBD system dependent and is not compatible with Renault vehicles.

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