Use your Trodat stamp to stamp paper bags

Get your name and brand out there!

 With the banning of plastic bags by many retailers in South Africa, more eco-friendly alternatives are in demand.

 Stamping onto paper bags is especially popular in small-to-medium sized businesses. The cost of printing is very expensive, and using a stamp can save you money.

Trodat South Africa has released an Eco-Friendly 5mm laser rubber to deal with this increasing demand.
Trendy clothing boutiques and chic coffee shops are already adopting the practice of stamping paper bags with their branding. Not only does this enable them to create a unique product with their contact details and a logo on it, but it also means their stamp can be used for other applications too.

Coffee shops are using the stamps to stamp on paper cups, cake boxes and take-away bags. It is a simple and effective way of getting your message to the public without having to invest thousands of rands in printed bags, which come at a premium.


The 5mm Laser Rubber can be used on the popular 5211 and 5212 Trodat Professional Extra Large Stamps which gives plenty of room for a branding opportunity. The stamping area of up to 116 x 70mm is especially suited to this application.

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