Use less and save more with Baby Soft® Stop and Tear

Baby Soft® is well known for adding that little extra indulgence to life: it’s thick and absorbent so everyone can rest assured that they are looking out for their family with every purchase offering them the silky softness that has made Baby Soft® South Africa’s favourite 2 ply toilet paper.


Now with a new product offering called Baby Soft® Stop and Tear you can still enjoy the comfort of 2 ply while using less. The paper is embossed with puppy paw marks trailing along the sheets, with a puppy sitting next to a stop sign indicating where you should stop. Needless to say, this is where one must “tear”. Available in two different colour options, Stop and Tear is printed in both lavender and green.


Statistics have shown that on average, families of five, who use 1 ply toilet paper, would consume approximately 240 rolls per year, whilst families who use Stop and Tear would only spend 157 rolls per year. “The benefits to Baby Soft® Stop and Tear are endless: you are able to teach your family to be sensitive to wastage, families can save money, it’s kinder to the environment to limit the amount of surplus and there is no compromise in luxurious quality”, says Li-Anne Hide, Senior Brand Trade Activator – Baby Soft®.


Available in all major retail outlets the Baby Soft® Stop and Tear is easy to identify on shelf with Softie the Labrador on the front of pack with a clearly visible Stop sign.


“This new innovation is set to get everyone to think about a daily necessity in a new and different way.  Challenge your roommate, family members or just yourself and see how much you can save by just becoming more aware of your usage”, concludes Hide.

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