Up to tough telecoms challenges, delivers for Rawsons

TeleMasters is a company that likes a challenge. It has to, says head of enterprise Riaan Pietersen, because when delivering voice over IP telephony solutions, the situation on the ground is rarely straightforward, almost always complex and often downright scary. That’s what the company experienced when it engaged with real estate agency Rawsons to provide communications services to two busy offices, located in Strand and Somerset West in the Western Cape; however, despite multiple difficulties, it has succeeded in delivering quality services where others have feared to tread.


Johann van der Merwe, principal of the two Rawsons franchises, explains why it sought TeleMasters’ assistance: “We were experiencing frustrations which included high costs and poor service availability, especially at the Somerset West location where no phone lines were available. We also had a traditional PBX which was not suitable for the communication requirements of the business.”


Pietersen says establishing communications where there is no infrastructure is always a challenge, as there are dependencies on third party suppliers. “We were able to get a single ADSL line in at relatively short notice; however, with 15 people in the office, the limited connectivity was severely pressurized, carrying all data as well as VoIP calls.”


Nevertheless, even when ‘decent’ connectivity was finally established weeks later, problems persisted. That came down to the PBX to which van der Merwe has referred. However, at this stage, the issues were still hidden, providing an opportunity for TeleMasters to bring its expertise to bear.


“We got our top technicians down from Johannesburg to analyse everything to identify why issues such as dropped calls were still happening. What we discovered was that of the 8 ports on the PBX, 4 were dead,” Pietersen says.


Despite these issues, and what Pietersen cheerfully refers to as ‘a lot of challenges that had us gritting our teeth for months’, TeleMasters showed its mettle by systematically identifying and solving every challenge. “Telephony is critical to every business. When it doesn’t ‘just work’, people get upset, and rightly so. However, the underlying systems are complex, sometimes obsolete and almost always capricious. Getting it to work properly often requires some patience and certainly perseverance – but that’s what we’re here for.”


As a consequence of its commitment to working with clients like Rawsons despite what most other service providers might consider insurmountable or intractable problems, the end result is a very happy customer. As van der Merwe attests: “TeleMasters has deployed its Voice-over-Network solution along with its Virtual PBX. This has resolved our challenges and enhanced the performance of our communication solutions to the point that the voice quality is of a higher standard.”


And he reserves special praise for the lengths to which TeleMasters is prepared to go to satisfy its clients: “The service is of a superior standard. I’d recommend this solution [Voice-Over-Network and Virtual PBX] to any serious businessperson who is looking to improve the quality and performance of their telephony with a future-proofed technology.” 

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