UK BTS spending on the rise

According to retail research agency Conlumino, UK consumers are expected to spend 1,4% more on back-to-school (BTS) supplies than last year.

This equates to an increase of £21-million ($32-million) over 2014 for a total 2015 spend of £1,45 billion.

Conlumino said improving macroeconomic conditions and real wage growth outstripping inflation have given consumers greater levels of disposable income that will benefit BTS retailers this year.

Last year saw £842-million spent on school uniforms, £225-million spent on sportswear and sports equipment, £148-million spent on stationery, £130-million on school accessories and £83-million spent on school books.

Interestingly, the importance of special offers and bargains during the BTS season is on the wane. This suggests that consumers favour everyday low pricing for BTS supplies despite incentives issued by retailers.

Conlumino retail analyst Greg Bromley says that while purchase volumes are unlikely to pick up massively, parents may start to splash out more on BTS purchasing.

“This might mean buying a child extra stationery or a new pair of football boots, purchases that previously would have been postponed,” he adds.

By Michelle Sturman, OPI

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