TV campaign for child resistant lighters

BIC launches a TV campaign to highlight child resistant requirements on lighters — This unprecedented TV advertising campaign from BIC will be broadcasted simultaneously in 15 European countries in March 2008, when European regulation (Decisions 2006/502/EC and 2007/231/EC) requires Member States to prevent  selling non child resistant lighters to consumers(1).

As required under the new regulation, BIC® lighters are now equipped with a reliable child resistant mechanism that makes them more difficult to operate by children.To support this major change for consumers, BIC will advertise on TV with a 30’ spot that highlights BIC® lighters’ quality.Marie Saglio, Marketing Director Europe at BIC explains: “BIC is the leading lighter brand in Europe and in the world. As such, it is our duty to propose consumers high quality lighters, and as well to remind them that lighters must be kept away from children, even if they are child resistant. The commercial highlights this.” Actually consumers can trust BIC expertise in child resistant lighters: the company has been selling child resistant lighters for 15 years in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand where similar legislations have already been enforced.

For over 30 years, BIC has been pursuing its strategy of offering consumers a product they can use daily, safely. Each BIC® lighter undergoes more over 50 individual, automatic tests. All BIC® lighters meet or exceed ISO 9994 international safety standard specifications.

(1) With the exception of lighters that are sold with a 2-year written guarantee, are refillable and can be repaired by an after-sale service based in the European Union.

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