Transnet website is now an Indonesian gambling platform

By Petrus Malherbe for Netwerk24

Instead of information about the eight commercial harbours it runs, the National Ports Authority’s (NPA) website now ostensibly contains information about gambling games in Indonesia, Netwerk24 reported. The National Ports Authority is a division of Transnet.

According to information on ICANN Lookup, Transnet registered in 2007. The registration was managed by American company Network Solutions.

But its security certificate expired in April last year, which made it vulnerable to attacks by hackers thereafter.

The domain name, while still registered, is no longer being reported as being active. Its status is known as “client transfer prohibited”, meaning that the domain cannot be transferred without Transnet’s permission.

Ironically, the status is meant to help prevent an inactive domain name from being hacked by another entity.

Web pages are regularly hacked, with visitors directed to malevolent websites. A website with a security certificate that is in tact is, however, more resistant to these attacks.

The hacking of the NPA site seems limited to that particular website. The website for Transnet Port Terminals and its main page, is, for example, still operational.

Even though the NPA’s page expired in April last year, Transnet still uses it on the port authority’s official Twitter page. This page appears to still be active – the last entry was on 23 January.

Transnet was approached for comment about the apparent takeover of one of its websites, but has not yet responded.

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