Tone up while trimming down on the hours

It seems like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything that you need to do – let alone the things you actually want to do. On top of rushing to work, school, the shops, appointments and back again, you still need to find time to slot in a workout or two to stay fit and toned!

Fortunately, there is now a way to fit your fitness routine into one 20 minute session per week (now that will help your busy schedule!) – through BODYTEC, a revolutionary fitness and all-round training solution. By combining personal training with Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS), BODYTEC enables clients to quickly, effectively and visibly reduce fat content and weight whilst gently defining muscles and increasing physical strength and endurance. All in only 20 minutes a week.


Sport research conducted by international institutes has shown that BODYTEC’s training results are up to 18 times more effective than traditional fitness training. According to BODYTEC owner Boris Leyck, “Conventional wisdom says there are no shortcuts to health and fitness. But who wants to be conventional? BODYTEC technology is so effective that just 20 minutes of training is comparable to three, 90 minute workouts in a gym.”


After successfully helping Capetonians in the city centre and suburb of Newlands to shape up, Leyck is now bringing the revolutionary concept to Johannesburg. In mid-June, Sandton will have its own BODYTEC studio. A branch will also be opening in the suburb of Steenberg, Cape Town in July.


The BODYTEC concept, pioneered in Germany and used by professional athletes and sports rehabilitation centres for decades, combines personal training with electro muscle stimulation, to reduce fat content and weight whilst developing muscle mass. During each 20 minute, personal trainer-supervised session, muscles are stimulated by electrodes connected to a training jacket. As physical strength and endurance increases with each session the muscles become gently defined resulting in a toned, firm body and lasting sense of well-being.


BODYTEC client, business woman, media personality and former Miss Universe, Michelle McLean, shares “By only going to one 20-minute session a week, I save hours of travel time to, from and in a gym with an even better result than most other exercise regimes I have used. I feel firmer and more toned in a shorter space of time.”  


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