The smell of success: Multi-sensory features boost POS sales

When it comes to packaging, looking good is simply not enough anymore.

Research conducted in Europe has recently revealed that when it comes to consumers’ purchasing decisions, sight is not the only sense that has a say. For instance, if the smell of a product (or its packaging) is appealing, it can increase sales by up to 45%. The study also cited sound (41%), taste (31%) and touch (25%) as strong factors that can influence sales. In other words, the more the senses are engaged at that critical point of purchase, the better it is for your bottom line.

Timothy Beattie, General Manager of Pyrotec PackMedia, a leading provider of innovative on-pack solutions, says: “Brands that incorporate multi-sensory elements into their POS marketing – through packaging or on-pack devices – send signals that the brain converts into buying impulses. When consumers recall multiple sensory impressions that a product has conveyed (such as sight, touch and smell), product loyalty is estimated to be at around 60%. If only one sensory impression is conveyed (such as sight), consumer loyalty decreases to 30%.”

Pyrotec PackMedia offers multi-sensory on-pack devices to increase customer engagement through their special features ElastiTag® range.ElastiTag® is a range of elasticised hang tags that can be used for labelling, branding and marketing a wide variety of products from produce to cosmetics.

Brands are able to add a Rub’ n Smell® scent to their ElastiTag®, which gives consumers the opportunity to test the scent of the product without having to open the package. There is also the option to add tactile varnish to the ElastiTag®, which creates a unique visual impact and adds texture to the tag. Competitions can also be incentivised with a Scratch-OffElastiTag®, which consists of a scratch-off tape placed over variable codes on the hang tag, adding a fun element to your on-pack promotion.

Special EffectsElastiTag® incorporates a new coating process that creates tiny prisms which reflect light, adding shimmer and thus attracting attention on shelves packed with similar products. Another option for brands that want their products to stand out is a UV Flexo ElastiTag®, which makes use of high-definition UV inks for a brighter, sharper graphic effect.

“Multi-sensory features use touch, taste, smell, sight and sound to make brands appealing and to influence buying decisions. An innovative on-pack device that includes these features, such as the ElastiTag® special features range, is a quick, affordable and appealing way to communicate with your audience by catching and retaining their interest,” concludes Beattie.

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