The right BTS gear gives students a boost

Office Depot has the school supplies students, parents and teachers need to “Gear Up for School” this back-to-school season.A recent online survey commissioned by Office Depot found that the majority of college students and their parents (94%) agree that the right school supplies set students up for a successful school year and can give them a boost of confidence, a sense of accomplishment, and even feelings of excitement.

College students and their parents recognise the importance of preparing for the upcoming year with new back-to-school supplies. Before the school year starts, the majority of students and parents do their homework to find gear that meets their needs and fits their personalities.

According to a new back-to-school survey conducted by Office Depot, 98% of students and 97% of parents make a list, price compare or seek advice before back-to-school shopping.

An overwhelming number of students (75%) say that the right school supplies make them feel confident, accomplished and excited – providing that new gear feeling. With so many sentiments tied to their gear, 55% of students understandably feel annoyed when a peer borrows their favourite school supplies. Therefore, every student should buy his or her own gear.

“At Office Depot, we understand and recognise the importance of that new gear feeling,” says Tim Rea, executive vice-president and chief marketing officer for Office Depot. “With that in mind, we strive to provide the best back-
to-school gear to help everyone reach their peak performance.”

Seventy-two percent of parents believe that peer pressure plays a large role with the likelihood of students wanting the same school supplies as their peers. However, only 54% of students actually report that peer pressure influences their decision to purchase back-to-school supplies. Gear that fits their personalities is important to most students (78%) and parents (89%). Additionally, a large number of students (70%) have purchased school supplies on an impulse – proving that that new gear feeling can strike at any time.

Interestingly, even with the ongoing shift toward a more technology-focused environment, students still believe the basics are important. Thirty percent of college students find it slightly more important to have paper products – such as planners, folders and notebooks – at the start of the year than technology. However, 62% of parents sending their kids back to college rank technology products as the most important gear.

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