The remote worker: guidelines to maximise your productivity and enhance your personal brand

Working from home is now considered the new normal, but it brings its own challenges and distractions. Thanks to TechExpress’s range of productivity-enhancing accessories, home offices can be just as productive as any professional environment.

Much has already been said recently around working remotely from your home office, to recap on some of the key themes that are coming through:

  1. Dress for the occasion – make sure that you “dress up” for your home office. How you are dressed tends to come across in your communication style with colleagues and customers. Maintain a professional persona at all times; avoid working in your pyjamas as you will come across as unkempt.
  2. Set regular working timeframes – it is important to have boundaries around your working hours. Set times for tea breaks and lunchtime. Avoid working protracted hours in front of your screen, as this will ultimately lead to burn-out and a drop-off in your creativity and productivity. Make sure you are prompt in joining allotted conference and customer calls, just as you would attend a physical meeting.
  3. Dedicated workspace – set aside a fixed area for your home office, preferably away from the family areas and other distractions. Avoid roaming around different parts of your home, as this will blur the lines between your working and family life.
  4. Physical and mental health – be disciplined around a regular exercise routine, and “chill time” when you can switch off and recharge your energy levels.
  5. Stay connected – keep in regular contact with your work colleagues, and make sure that you remain with a finger on the pulse of the business. This way you will not be missing out on any key priorities and strategic developments.
  6.  The right equipment – working from home should not mean a compromise on your office equipment and technology requirements. If anything, there should be a heightened priority on ensuring that you have a professional and well-integrated workspace. The payback will be well worth it.

Remember: how you operate in a remote fashion is also a strong reflection of your personal brand – don’t compromise with a substandard technology infrastructure, which could let your image down.

What makes up a professional remote workspace?

Apart from your notebook or desktop PC, here is a guideline around the discrete components that would comprise a fully-functional and professional remote office workspace:

• Flat screen monitor, in at least 24- or 27-inch format. A second screen is known to enhance productivity quite substantially
• Wireless keyboard and mouse
• Multi-function printer, scanner, copier
• Conference speakerphone or headset with noise cancelling microphones to block out extraneous noise levels
• A separate webcam to provide high quality video communication. Standard notebook cameras do not support sharp resolutions
• Bluetooth speaker for quality sound – either for conference calls, or playing your favourite music
• UPS backup to support the power requirements of the various components in the event of power outages
• USB charging station to keep all your tech ready-to-use
• Docking stations for easy “one-cable” connectivity
• Desk lamp to provide adequate lighting for both working, and image clarity on video calls
• On the ergonomics front, consider a flexible monitor arm, or dual screen stand for optimal flexibility and all-day comfort. Taking it one step further, a “sit-stand” desk is the ultimate ergonomic add-on for good health and posture
• Data back up – make sure that you have a robust, full-cloud back-up solution in place. Data loss can be catastrophic

Another important aspect to consider for the remote home office is access to a credible remote support provider, in the event of any hardware or software malfunction (if you do not already have access to a central corporate help desk).
Downtime is lost productivity and missed deadlines, once again bad for your company and personal brand equity.

The bottom line 

Make sure that you revisit your current remote working infrastructure, and fill out the gaps that might exist in your setup in order to ensure optimal productivity. Remember that your personal brand image is also an important factor to consider in the new world of work. Don’t compromise.

To borrow a quote from Jerry Maguire: “Help us to help you to look good!”

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