The proof is in the paper: user-friendly solution to lubricate paper shredders

Shredder machines are valuable business assets that require regular lubrication to ensure that their performance does not decline and that the shredding mechanism remains undamaged. Pitney Bowes South Africa has a trouble-free alternative to the traditional method of using an oil bottle to lubricate paper shredders.

“Often shredders are used to dispose of confidential documents which, in some cases, could potentially be damaging to a company if they fall into the wrong hands. For this reason, a paper shredder needs to be reliable and produce uncompromising results on a consistent basis,” says Luigi Pistilli, Service Manager of Pitney Bowes South Africa.

“However, very few machines have an automatic oiling system, which means that proactive maintenance is a prerequisite. To date, the solution to oiling a shredder is using an oil dispenser, normally in the form of a bottle. This method can prove to be rather messy, especially in an office environment where order and cleanliness are an integral part of a company’s professional image,” Pistilli says.

Pitney Bowes has proved itself as a customer-focused mailstream solutions provider by seeking out products and consumables that decrease operational costs and downtime, while at the same time increasing productivity, for its clients. “A number of existing clients voiced their concerns to us over issues around the oil bottles they use for the maintenance of their shredders,” says Pistilli.

The main problem was that often the employees responsible for its maintenance would put too much oil into shredder. “Although not as serious a problem as a machine with no oil on the cutting blades, too much oil can also cause issues with the performance and longevity of the machine,” Pistilli adds.

“We consequently sourced and now supply a straightforward solution. The oil paper is simply a piece of paper infused with the correct amount of oil,” Pistilli explains.

Pistilli points out that the oil paper can be stored easily in an office environment without accidentally spilling oil into cabinets and drawers. “In addition, Pitney Bowes’ oil paper is always readily available and comes in one type only, so there will never be confusion as to whether one is using the correct product for the job.”

How frequently one needs to oil the cutting blades will depend on the volume of use and the shred size. “A cross cut shredder will always need to be oiled more frequently than a strip cut shredder, and should be oiled   when you install a new shredder bag.,” says Pistilli.

“It is important to implement maintenance of a shredder on a regular basis and by instituting a fixed pattern of behaviour, such as using the oil paper every time the shredder bag needs to be exchanged, companies will be assured that their machine is adequately lubricated,” Pistilli concludes.

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