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Silveray Statmark Company (SSC) distribute stationery products that are certainly known in almost every household and are highly respected and valued. 

It all started 25 years ago and over the years SSC has built steadily on its reputation for top-of-the-range stationery which include a portfolio of over 6 000 products, catering for the needs of many diverse industries. Our portfolio, for which we have exclusive distribution rights, now boasts all these famous global brands: Croxley, Dahle, Durable, Dymo, Esselte, Helix, Herma, Jovi, Leeho, Leitz, Lion Brand, Maped, Mighty Minds, Oxford, PaperMate, Parker, Pendaflex, Penguin, Pharos, Rapid, Rolodex, Rotring, Sellotape, Sharpie, STABILO, Twinlock, UHU and Waterman.

The connection with the 119-year-old Croxley brand is particularly rewarding. The leading name for the best quality of paper and stationery products, Croxley was originally produced in the United Kingdom but is now manufactured locally to add greater value to our South African market – and ultimately beyond our borders. 

SSC has built a proud reputation and acknowledges a team of dedicated staff who help the company maintain its commitment to deliver on promises, provide exclusive brands and remain customer focused. This unswerving dedication is undoubtedly the reason the brands associated with SSC constantly dominate the country’s classrooms and boardrooms, are to be found in most homes and are highly sought after for corporate gifting. 

SSC acknowledges that the long-standing and supportive relationships with international and local suppliers and customers have been integral to the company’s development over the last quarter century, and they will continue to form an important part of SSC’s plans for the future.

SSC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Bidvest Group Limited and part of the Bidvest Paperplus Division. SSC has a national sales and distribution network supported by branches in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, East London, Pretoria and Bloemfontein. The company’s established and sustainable growth continues to supply all-important job opportunities for the country.  Over the past two years SSC has developed and implemented various far-reaching strategies, including a dynamic new corporate identity (CI), with a younger, funky and more interesting logo setting the scene. The inversion of the second ‘s’ in SSC subtly creates a heart, which reflects the new payoff  ‘Love Stationery’ – a concept that is carried through all branding and marketing elements. While the whole effect is sleek and modern, there is an underlying warmth and friendliness suggesting that SSC loves everything about stationery.  

In-line with the new CI, the company’s head offices have recently received a facelift to the exterior of their premises and the interiors are undergoing a total revamp. A fresh coat of paint, various front entrance additions and internal office layout re-structuring create a more professional, vibrant and welcoming look.  

Of course one of the most vital marketing tools of a company such as the SSC is the essential sales catalogue. The company has expanded to such an extent that it now handles over 6 000 products. A new approach was therefore imperative. A new, innovative format for these brand catalogues was designed, providing each international brand with its own platform, yet also cross-references products into categories, making it really easy to navigate.   

The appearance is extremely stylish, with each brand in the SSC portfolio presented in its own saddle-stitched booklet, with its own brand identity. Booklets are filed in a specialised and alphabetic index. This novel and efficient format facilitates a quick and easy catalogue update should any brand need a product or CI change, or new products are added or removed.  

In step with current trends, the SSC website has received a refreshed, fun and vibrant look and feel – and now also includes an online catalogue. There is also a product listing so customers can search for products by brand or category.

The Facebook page – – is excitingly interactive with games and competitions. SSC’s Facebook page is becoming a fun spot that does not only provide customers with a resource that is regularly updated, but also allows anyone to simply express their love for stationery and win some rather cool prizes. We invite you to visit the new Facebook page –click ‘LIKE’ – and share the love for simplicity, stationery elegance and of course colour that Silveray Statmark Company has to offer. 

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