The hydronic floor heating concept

A water-based under floor heating system is a series of interconnected pipes that circulate warm water throughout the floor to heat up the space.
Pipes can be connected to a boiler or a solar water heating system. The water temperature to the heating pipe is controlled by mixing the water in the pipe with hot water from the boiler to achieve the required temperature; this is then passed to a manifold for distribution to the various zones. Another term for water under floor heating would be hydronic floor heating.

The heat emitted from an underfloor system is more evenly distributed than a single heating source; this means that the system can use water at a lower temperature, making it a more efficient way of heating homes and spaces. The floor should be properly prepared and insulated to make the system work efficiently. The floor needs to have enough space to accommodate insulation and the piping. If the installation is happening on a new build, so you might have to elevate the floor level. This isn’t always possible if you’re retro fitting underfloor heating to an existing bathroom or kitchen. Water-fed systems are best suited to new floor constructions because the floor cannot always be raised to a new level to accommodate the insulation and piping.

Pioneer Floor Heating – Hydronic Underfloor HeatingHigh comfort levels, coupled with low running costs and environmental benefits, have resulted in a growing demand for underfloor heating systems. According to research, the same level of comfort is achieved with an underfloor heated room about 2°C lower than in a room heated with conventional heating systems. These conventional heating systems act as convectors to heat the air; with underfloor heating, however, the whole floor area acts as an emitter for radiated heat.

Installing HVAC system is another way to keep comfortable temperature at home all year round. Look for a full service HVAC company offering AC and heating service that can provide up warranty with equipment registration. Contact Hicken Air for AC repair in Gilbert, AZ for more details.

Source: Pioneer Floor Heating

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