Whether as a company or in a personal capacity, data storage and archiving are essential when simplifying and organising offices and homes.

The modern workforce is no longer constrained by the need to be in an office. People are becoming mobile, which means that external hard drives have become an indispensible part of their armoury. 

After all, backing up important information has always been critical, and never more so than when on the move.  

While the benefits of external hard drives are well known, so too are their disadvantages. Being portable, these devices are extremely vulnerable to theft and also generally tend to be fragile.



Verbatim under AC Trading recently introduced a product that stores data but also keeps a back up. The system is generally known as network-attached storage (NAS) and can be explained as file-level computer data storage connected to a computer network providing data access to a group of individuals.  

A fail-safe is that extra back-up, as the myths of saving data include:

There will always be a warning before my hard drive crashes – not necessarily, not to mention loss or theft. Without a backup your information is gone. Also note, it is a device with moving parts and eventually it could break.

Any lost data can be recovered – perhaps, but this comes with a very costly price tag.  

I can back-up on CD or DVD True, but these can get damaged, lost or stolen and sometimes even misplaced.

Comparatively, we insure cars or get some kind of health cover. Would it not make sense to cover yourself with regards to your information? Photos and memories are not something that can be bought. 

Another option would be the solid state drive (SSD) which is made completely of memory. SSDs are durable, fast and often do not involve the tedious task of actually looking for the data storage system. They are lightweight, quick and quiet. 


Tidy Files

Tidy Files customers feel that saving time is a massive factor in acquiring the right storage system.

Despite the perceived efficiencies of today’s technology, paperwork is growing at an enormous rate every year and information is indeed the lifeblood of every business.

It controls efficiency, and efficiency controls success. The faster filing can be done or found the more efficient a company will be able to work. In light of the flood of information that arises daily, having quicker and safer access to all data at all times is vital.

In any successful business, time is the greatest constraint, and often is a wasted asset, particularly when it comes to searching for company files and records.

The independent German Institute for Time Analysis (MTM) conducted a series of time evaluations on the factors involved in the filing operations for different filing methods. 

The independent study found that clients could save 49,5% of the filing time when using the Tidy Files top retrieval filing system compared to hanging files, and 48.9% compared to lever arch files.



The Contifile solution is to store documents in colour-coded, versatile, functional and durable files of any set of information over 50 pages or sheets of paper.  

At times it is important for a client to integrate the storage of documents with their existing storage solutions, from top-retrieval cabinetry, to simple shelving units, to bulk filers in large storage facilities.  

In addition, the Contifile boasts a unique archiving feature, which allows the user to easily archive the contents and “recycle” the shell of the file.

It combines the space efficiency of container-like filing, with the document management functionality of a lever-arch file.  

In doing so, the user can exploits existing office or home space more efficiently.   


K-Well Technologies

Access to information is vital, which makes the wireless revolution offered by the newest addition to the K-Well Technologies portfolio that much more exciting.

Today’s world is constantly on the go so wires and cables are, simply put, a nuisance. Transferring data effortlessly and quickly without the use of wires is a huge step in the world of electronics. 

The PQI AirDrive is a portable WiFi storage device designed for smartphones, tablet devices and notebooks. The device supports SD cards up to 32GB in order to wirelessly transfer data. Users can stream media directly to five devices simultaneously over their WiFi network. 

The PQI AirCard is a WiFi enabled memory card that lets you instantly share photos and videos captured on your digital SLR camera to multiple devices over the same network. This instant sharing technology removes the hassle of needing to carry around card readers and cables in order to connect your devices to a computer. 


African Filing

There are two types of filing that African Filing deals with, namely active filing, which is data and paperwork used on a daily basis and inactive filing. Active information needs to be retrieved within a certain time frame by the business and should be readily available.

The second option would, in simple terms, be archiving.

Copious amounts of legislature dictate the rules of archiving and outline the do’s and donts’ of archiving. A company can be held liable for improper archiving of important documentation and it is unfortunate that many companies do not know their law, in turn taking a huge risk.

African Filing’s systems allow the client to house any information either offsite or onsite in such a way that the footprint is saved and the time management is better.


It might be time to empty out those office cabinets brimming with papers and perhaps re-organise those workstations that seem to have swallowed your staff members. Data storage and archiving in every respect makes life simpler, faster and more efficient. 

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