Targeted Killing at Forms Media Independent Africa (Pty) Ltd


Warning to the Industry

As business owners, managers and interested parties we all know the state of the economy and the situation
South Africa finds itself in. Corruption and crime are rampant.
In this respect the office products industry is not immune to the factors affecting the country, and in fact we may be complacent and at times naïve to the actual depth of the criminal networks operating in our industry.

We need to be aware of how gangs, syndicates and criminal networks have entrenched themselves among
and within our organisations, including criminal networks spanning the entire supply chain from supplier to
middleman to customer.

On the 30 July 2020 a “hit” was carried out at Forms Media Independent Africa’s Johannesburg premises.
The Warehouse Manager was gunned down as he opened the office for staff to enter at 6:30am.
This was not a robbery; the video footage shows 2 balaclava clad youths follow and repeatedly shoot the
warehouse manager.
Unfortunately he succumbed to his injuries at the scene.

This is a wake-up call to the industry!
Recently the warehouse manager had been investigating certain incidences of theft and attempted theft
being perpetrated against Forms Media Independent Africa’s clients. Procedures and steps were being
followed to bring the accused to task in terms of company disciplinary policy and in terms of criminal charges
with the SAPS.
This had resulted in death threats being issued to him.
The South African Police are investigating this murder and all threats received.

This is a call to all businesses: – know who you employ!
Make sure you have screened all your staff and all your outsourced staff for criminal records.
Realise that there is a festering underworld at work and it needs to be rooted out.
Charge all cases of theft with the SAPS; don’t just discipline and dismiss staff. Take the next step.

We send our condolences to all affected, we stand for justice.


Rene du Toit

CEO of Forms Media Independent Africa (Pty) Ltd

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