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In today’s age, the sustainability of the environment has become something everyone is, or should be, concerned with. It’s the norm to be eco-conscious about the food we eat, the products we purchase and the waste we recycle but it doesn’t just stop there. It extends into the workspace, something that veteran designer Giant Leap is well aware of.

Creating the green workspace and maximising both the economic and environmental performance of the space is a part of the process when you create an office space with Giant Leap. As a member of the Green Building Council, Giant Leap always recommends products in line with environmental regulations. All materials used (woods, paints, finishes) are volatile organic compound (VOC) free.

“We prioritise new materials that are durable, cost-effective and less harmful to human and environmental health. We also make sure we focus on interior solutions that consider energy efficiency and the use of recyclable products.”- Giant Leap.

“We also have a Green Building Council South Africa Accredited Professional who can ensure that our fit-outs are rated through the Green Building Council’s Interiors tool. The benefits of this are tremendous. Not only do organisations get a very prestigious certification that highlights their dedication to sustainability, but offices that are sustainability-rated have been shown to increase productivity, improve well-being and increase staff satisfaction.

“There is also a real return on investment, as research in South Africa has shown that Breen Star SA buildings enjoy energy savings of between 25% and 50%, compared to buildings designed to SANS 204 standards. In addition to this, Green Star buildings are showing higher rental rates of between 5% and 6%.”

But Giant Leap doesn’t just stop there a part of their philosophy is to support local too. They have a great working relationship with local manufacturers and help to upkeep local job stability. Ensuring that they are both socially and environmentally responsible.

Giant Leap is the right choice for creating cutting edge workplaces that are eco-conscious and have the best quality materials. From a company that works to bring you a design you will love to work in, and superior interiors that inspire innovation, Giant Leap makes people happier and business better.

Sustainability makes business sense

Two newly-released studies show that a corporate commitment to environmental sustainability not only fulfils an ethical responsibility, but also delivers tangible returns to the bottom line. The studies were conducted by WWF (the World Wide Fund for Nature) and the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which provides certification of sustainably and ethically produced forest products.

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Sustainability makes economic sense

Sustainability makes complete economic sense – which is why a growing number of companies are viewing sustainability as not just key to making our planetary resources last, but also as vital to the long-term viability of their human capital and financial performance, says Tjaart Coetzee, an associate director and Centre of Excellence lead for Sustainable Development at Johannesburg-based MAC Consulting.

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