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Tiger Brands forced to recall 20m cans

Source: Supermarket & Retailer

Tiger Brands is recalling certain KOO and Hugo’s canned vegetable products produced from 1 May 2019 to 5 May 2021 due to an extremely small number of defective cans supplied by a packaging supplier. The cans may have a defective side seam weld that could cause the can to leak. The company identified the issue as part of its internal quality assurance processes.

Canned products forming part of this recall include products from the KOO and Hugo’s canned vegetable range, including baked beans, that were produced from 1 May 2019 to 5 May 2021.

The issue was first identified as part of routine quality control procedures. Investigations identified a deficiency in the side seam weld of cans manufactured by a third-party supplier.

No health issues have been reported to date relating to the affected product range. Despite the low probability of illness and injury, matters of quality and food safety are an absolute priority for Tiger Brands. Therefore, the company in consultation with the National Consumer Council (NCC) made the decision to initiate a precautionary withdrawal in the best interest of consumers.

Tiger Brands is working with its retail and wholesale customers to remove all affected canned vegetable products from store shelves and replace with fresh stock produced from quality assured cans.

The company encourages consumers to check their food shelves at home and to return any canned products forming part of this recall to their nearest supermarket or wholesale outlet for a refund.

KOO canned products forming part of the recall produced from 1 May 2019 to 5 May 2021 can be identified by looking at the manufacturing date code stamped on the bottom or the top of the can. The manufacturing date appears in the first line following the letters MAN. In the example below, the manufacturing date is 5 May 2021.

MAN 05/05/2021 08:58 4 K2 2H 9
BEST BEFORE 05/05/2024

Canning is a safe way to preserve food and extend the shelf-life of fresh produce. It is good practice to always take a moment to inspect the quality of a can when you’re choosing products. Never purchase or use cans that are dented, cracked, leaking or have bulging lids.

Tiger Brands estimates the number of cans forming part of this withdrawal to be approximately 20-million cans, around 9% of annual canned goods production.

For more information visit www.KOO.co.za or contact the consumer care line on 0860 100 891 or at tigercsd@tigerbrands.com.

Update: President Jacob Zuma resigned with immediate effect on Wednesday evening, one hour before his deadline was up.  There is, however, still the matter of making official the appointment of Cyril Ramaphosa as the president of the republic.

Although the ANC has recalled President Jacob Zuma, it was still insisting on Tuesday that he had done nothing wrong.

Speaker after speaker at Monday night’s special national executive committee (NEC) meeting said Zuma should go for a range of reasons, central to which was the ANC’s electoral performance and the effect that his remaining head of state could have on the party.

On Tuesday, the net continued to tighten around Zuma.

The ANC said it was waiting for his response on Wednesday. Should he refuse to resign, the ANC said it would be forced to remove him in Parliament.

Zuma is expected to address the nation on Wednesday. The Presidency could, however, not be reached to confirm this.

As the ANC notified him formally of its decision to recall him, National Director of Public Prosecutions Shaun Abrahams gave the prosecution team dealing with Zuma’s corruption, fraud and racketeering charges until February 23 to provide their recommendations. This was after Zuma made fresh representations in January on why he should not be prosecuted. If Zuma declines the ANC offer to let him resign it will pave the way for his removal through a motion of no confidence.

In the past eight motions of no confidence against him, the ANC stuck to the party line that he should not be removed. It was only in the last motion that some of the party’s MPs voted differently in a secret ballot vote.

The party line this time will be that Zuma must go.

Business Day understands that the NEC has given the ANC caucus in the National Assembly the task of devising a strategy for his removal should he refuse to heed the recall.

The ANC chief whip has been instructed to brief the caucus, which is expected to meet on Wednesday morning while the ANC awaits a “response” from Zuma on the unanimous NEC decision to recall him. A cabinet meeting scheduled for Wednesday has been postponed.

While ANC secretary- general Ace Magashule told journalists that there was no decision on a motion of no confidence in Parliament, it is understood that the NEC agreed that should Zuma fail to resign Parliamentary processes would kick in.

Immediately after the ANC’s briefing, the rand weakened from R11.92 to the dollar to R11.98. Analysts said there was concern in the market that Zuma had not been given a deadline by which to resign. At 6.30pm on Tuesday, the rand firmed marginally against the dollar, to R11.96. Before Magashule’s announcement it had reached a best intraday level of R11.87.

According to sources who took part in the NEC meeting, which started at 2pm on Monday afternoon and dragged on into the early hours of Tuesday, the possibility of court action against the recall was also raised. This emerged amid reports that Transform SA — a Zuma-aligned lobby group — had launched a legal bid to challenge the outcome of the NEC meeting.

According to senior ANC leaders, Zuma was “very angry” and may not resign voluntarily.

Magashule confirmed that the NEC had rejected Zuma’s request for a further three months in office to “introduce” incoming president Cyril Ramaphosa to international bodies such as Brics and the Southern African Development Community. It is understood that even those who were seen to be staunch supporters of Zuma’s have indicated that it is time for him to go.

Zuma’s preferred candidate for the presidency, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, while diplomatic about the matter, indicated at the NEC meeting that Zuma could not see his term out or deliver the state of the nation address.

When asked for the NEC’s reasons for recalling Zuma and whether it related to allegations of state capture, Magashule was emphatic, saying the president had not been found guilty of any wrongdoing.

Magashule said the reason for the recalled was that the party wanted Ramaphosa in the position of president and for him to deliver the state of the nation address. Magashule said that when a deployee of the ANC was recalled the party expected that person to comply.

For now, the ANC was giving Zuma “time and space”.

Magashule said Zuma was a “disciplined member” and he believed that the president would make the right decision, but again pleaded for time.

“The national executive committee firmly believes that this situation requires us to act with urgency in order to steer our country towards greater levels of unity, renewal and hope.

“We are determined to restore the integrity of the public institutions, create political stability and urgent economic recovery,” Magashule said.

By Natasha Marrian and Genevieve Quintal for Business Live

Ford has officially recalled the Kuga SUV after a number of them burst into flames on the road, resulting in one fatality. A total of 31 claims have been lodged, with a class action lawsuit set to follow.

The question now relates to the recall: will Ford South Africa be able to retain its market standing after this incident, or will it be forced to downsize, cut jobs or even shut up shop.

According to IOL:

The majority of families whose Ford Kuga SUVs burst into flames in South Africa in the past few months will be filing a class action lawsuit, their attorney announced on Tuesday.

“Initially I have been instructed by the Jimmy family,” attorney Rod Mantono told a media briefing in Pretoria (Reshall Jimmy died in December 2015 after his Ford Kuga burst into flames).

“The initial goal was to assist in the investigation by the SAPS in George into the inquest relating to Reshall’s death. As the matters progressed, with the epidemic of Ford fires that have occurred, we’ve come into contact with other Ford fire victims.

“I am also currently instructed to act on the other families behalf in bringing a class action against Ford.”

He said 31 claims against Ford were handed to the National Consumer Commission on Monday.

“We are in the process of obtaining the remaining few victims,” he added. “The difficulty we had over the December period was getting into contact with those persons. Consultations are ongoing and we do hope that we will act on behalf of all Ford Kuga fire victims.”

He said the class action, targeted at Ford, would be pursued jointly through the NCC, as well as civil claims for the losses suffered in the fiasco.


Ford Southern Africa announced on Monday it was recalling the controversial Ford Kuga 1.6 SUV as part of a “safety recall” after about 40 incidents of the model igniting on South African roads.

Ford chief executive for the sub-Saharan Africa region, Jeff Nemeth, told a media briefing in Pretoria: “The Ford Kuga 1.6, manufactured between December 2012 to February 2014, must be taken to a Ford dealer as soon as possible.”

Nemeth said the recall affected more than 4000 vehicles.

“We’re now announcing a voluntary safety recall for the affected Ford 1.6. Our investigations has enabled us to narrow the number from the originally stated 6,300 to a total of 4,556 affected vehicles.”

He said other Ford models and other Ford Kuga engine derivatives – the 1.5 and two-litre models – would not be affected. Nemeth said besides the Jimmy case which was still being investigated, his company was not aware of any injuries that have resulted from the engine compartment fires of the Ford Kuga 1.6.

Nemeth that it would not disclose the cost implications of recall programmes and was finalising the second phase of the repair.

“This is a responsibility we have to our customers and does not have anything to do with investment decisions in South Africa,” he said.

Oil leak

“Based on the current data, we have determined the fires are due to overheating caused by lack of coolant circulation which can lead to a cracking of the cylinder head and therefore an oil leak. If the leaking oil reaches a hot engine component, it can potentially catch fire,” said Nemeth.

“We’ve seen various numbers circulating, however, today we can confirm that a total of 39 incidents have been reported to Ford.”

Jimmy, 33, was on holiday in the Wilderness when his vehicle caught fire. He was burnt beyond recognition.

By Jonisayi Maromo for www.iol.co.za

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