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A great deal more than an incentive

Networking. Team talks. Incentive programmes. We know it works. Everyone does it. But at Office Active, a proudly Inovocom company, we do it differently – as evidenced by our 9th annual conference in Jo’burg on 28 & 29 July 2017.

We also have lessons to impart; specifically: What is a ‘hard’ incentive campaign? How does a competition portal work? How best can suppliers be included on an ongoing basis? These and other questions were convincingly answered for Office Active, and we’d like to share our insights with you.

But first: the event itself

Uniting our Office Active membership and supporting suppliers into a group of 171 individuals at Emperors’ Palace, we hosted ‘speed meetings’: 12-minute sessions for dealers to briefly chat with suppliers at expo-style stations.

We also held a closed member session, with presentations by Craig Noyle, a director and co-founder of Inovocom, and Martin Stevens from Hewlett-Packard (HP), who addressed our members on business technology.

Then, the highlight: the Rev-Up Rewards Campaign, and the announcement of the winner of this five-month-long programme: Mason Complete Office Solutions. On a Pilot Pen SA ticket, Mason Complete Office Solutions won a R250,000 Toyota Avanza delivery vehicle, which is fully branded with its own corporate identity, as well as those of the five sponsor companies.

How did we pull it off?

With the goals of boosting sales, creating excitement, motivating our dealers, and offering our suppliers real ROI, plus getting all of our conference attendees to stay to the end, we required a truly exceptional initiative. At the same time, we needed to be able to present measurable results.

Members had to ‘rev up’ their purchasing, so we named the programme the ‘Rev-Up Rewards Campaign’ – inspired by the objective of supercharged sales for the period and by the prize of a high-performance delivery vehicle.

To begin with, we reached out to our supplier base to sponsor, and five companies leapt at the opportunity within the first two hours. The five – Rexel Office Products, Tarsus Technologies, Parrot Products, Pilot Pen SA, and Paperlink – contributed equally to a gleaming new Toyota Avanza.

What’s our secret weapon?

Inovocom developed a proprietary software system, to enable us to run the rewards programme from 1 March to 29 July 2017. Here’s how it works:

• Each supplier is allocated a fixed number of tickets to assign to dealers who ‘qualify’ based on sales.
• Suppliers could release their monthly or other deals to members via email and the supplier portal, as well as via national and regional branches.
• To award a ticket to a dealer, the supplier logs into the portal, and the dealer and the supplier both receive SMS confirmation of the process.
• The more tickets a dealer accrues on the system, the greater his/her chance of winning the prize.

Our suppliers were so impressed by the quality and efficiency of this campaign software, that Inovocom was approached to discuss a white-labelled version (enquiries welcome). There is also the potential to extend the Rev-Up initiative to end-user customers via the dealer and, with this, to close the loop.

And what’s next for us?

For next year, which will be Office Active’s 10th birthday, we’re considering 2nd and 3rd prizes, spot prizes, and a great deal more. We’ll be in touch.

For more information, please contact Inovocom on (011) 704 3680 or info@inovocom.co.za

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