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MTN loses nearly 2-million subscribers

Source: eNCA

MTN lost almost two-million subscribers in South Africa in the six months to June and service revenue growth slowed by 3.3 percent in a stubbornly weak economy.

MTN, Africa’s telecoms giant, said it had 1.9 million less local subscribers compared to December, bringing the total subscribers to 29.2 million in the period under review, as price-sensitive consumers opted for cheaper data offerings.

It has 1.1 million fewer active data subscribers, although postpaid customers increased marginally by 0.1 percent to 5.6 million.

MTN chief executive Rob Shuter said that the 1GB promotion had contributed to the decline.

“We had our famous 1GB promotion, which we decided was not generating value and we pulled it out of the market. A lot of those SIMs have since become dormant and contributed to the drop in prepaid users,” he said.

Shuter said delayed payments under the network roaming agreement with Cell C resulted in a R393-million impairment.

“We are evaluating a sustainable solution to the agreement with Cell C,” Shuter said.

The domestic prepaid service revenue declined 5.5 percent on the introduction of out of data bundle rates and regulations by the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa).

Commenting on the recent release of the policy on high-demand spectrum and policy direction on the licensing of a Wireless Open Access Network, Shuter said it was a move in the right direction, and lacked detail.

“We are still not clear how much spectrum will be available to mobile operators,” said Shuter.

Overall the MTN group had strong subscriber growth of 7.7 million in the first six months of the year to reach a total of 240 million subscribers.

Terror on the dance floor

Monday night’s explosion at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England, that killed at least 22 and injured more than 50 is the latest in a series of recent terror attacks aimed at the West.

British Prime Minister Theresa May said the government is trying to establish the “full details” of the “appalling terrorist attack” and was expected to call an emergency cabinet meeting to deal with the horror.

But this was not the first time May, and other European leaders, have had to deal with a deadly terror attack — and the threat to the U.K. from international terrorism is severe.

Here is a timeline of recent terror attacks in Europe:

April 20, 2017: Champs Elysees Attack in Paris

An attacker got out of a car and fired an automatic weapon at a parked police van, killing the officer inside, before shooting at others standing on the nearby sidewalk, injuring two before he was shot and killed by police.

The French president said the attack was “terrorist in nature” and promised “utmost vigilance.”

The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack.

April 7, 2017: Stockholm Truck Attack

Five people were killed when a truck driven by a man drove into a pedestrian shopping street and department store in Sweden’s capital city, wounding over a dozen others.

The 39-year-old man allegedly admitted to being a member of ISIS and told police that he had “achieved what he set out to do.”

April 3, 2017: Saint Petersburg Bombing

A suicide bombing on the subway in Russia’s second largest city killed more than a dozen passengers and injured dozens more.

March 22, 2017: Westminster Bridge Attack

Five people, including a London police officer who was stabbed and the perpetrator, were killed in a terror attack. More than 40 people were injured outside the Parliament building.

British Prime Minister Theresa May said the act was “sick and depraved.”

ISIS later claimed responsibility.

February 3, 2017: Louvre Knife Attack

A machete-wielding man yelling “Allahu Akbar” attacked soldiers in a shopping mall near the Louvre in Paris. He was shot and wounded by soldiers.

December 19, 2016: Germany Christmas Market

A large truck plowed through a Christmas market in central Berlin, which killed 12 and injured 48 others.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack and said the attacker was “a soldier of the Islamic State” through Amaq news agency.

November 28, 2016: Ohio State

Abdul Razak Ali Artan, an Ohio State University student, ran his car into a group of students, and slashed people with a butcher knife.

The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack and called Artan a “soldier.”

October 16, 2016: Hamburg, Germany

There was a “lone wolf” knife attack in Hamburg, Germany, killing one teenager.

July 26, 2016: Normandy, France

Two men took five people hostage during a mass at a church in Normandy, and murdered an elderly priest by stabbing him in the chest and slitting his throat. The hostages were freed later, and the two men were arrested.

Then-President Francois Hollande said that the men carried out the attack in the name of ISIS.

July 14, 2016: Nice, France

77 people were killed in Nice, France when a truck drove through a crowd on Bastille Day.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack.

June 12, 2016: Orlando Nightclub Shooting

Omar Mateen attacked an Orlando gay nightclub, killing 50 people. Mateen pledged allegiance to ISIS on a 911 call, after the worst mass shooting in U.S. history, and the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil since 9/11.

ISIS later claimed responsibility for the attack

March 22, 2016: Belgium Attack

There were two suicide bombings on March 22, 2016—one at Brussels Airport and the other in the city’s subway system. Combined, the attacks killed 32 people.

The ISIS cell that claimed responsibility for the Brussels attack was also linked to those involved in the November 13, 2015 terror attacks in Paris.

January 11, 2016: Marseille, France

A teenager attacked a Jewish teacher in Marseille with a machete. He told police that he carried out the attack in the name of the Islamic State.

January 7, 2016: Philadelphia, Penn.

A man shot and wounded a Philadelphia police officer. The man claimed the attack was in the name of Islam and the Islamic State.

December 2, 2015: San Bernardino Shooting

A married couple shot and killed 14 people in San Bernardino, Calif. The FBI is investigating the shooting as an act of terrorism inspired by ISIS.

November 13, 2015: Paris Attacks

A series of coordinated terrorist attacks in Paris killed 130 people and injured hundreds more. The attacks consisted of mass shootings and suicide bombings.

The Islamic State claimed responsibility.

August 21, 2015: Paris

Three Americans were at the center of an attempted mass shooting. They helped to overpower a gunman who was armed with a Kalashnikov, and opened fire on a train from Amsterdam to Paris.

The gunman was on the radar of European counterterrorism agencies, and appeared to be sympathetic to ISIS.

February 15, 2015: Denmark

A Denmark national who was inspired by ISIS went on a rampage through the nation’s capital, killing two and wounding five police officers.

January 7-9, 2015: Charlie Hebdo

There was an attack on the offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, and four attacks around Paris followed, killing 17 people.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attacks.

By Brooke Singman for Fox News

The London Stationery Show is held annually during National Stationery Week in the UK.

The seventh London Stationery Show closed its doors last week after recording its highest ever visitor numbers.

Visitors were up 9% on 2016 with registered attendees from 43 countries.

The show, which was purchased by Ocean Media Group last year, has seen consistent growth in the number and size of stands being requested by exhibitors and this year more than 160 exhibitors and 300 brands were represented. at the show. The show recorded the highest number of entries for its Stationery Awards, which this year topped just over 400.

“The show continues to grow and attract more support from the industry and interested buyers. We’ve had an excellent response from exhibitors wanting to book for next year, and strong interest in our new show, which will be based in Manchester,” Tim Willoughby, managing director at Ocean Media Group, which also owns the National Stationery Week program.

This year’s show, held at London’s Business Design Centre, introduced a LaunchPad competition to help aspiring stationery designers and companies get started in the industry. This resulted in 12 winners being given free stands at the show.

The 2018 London Stationery Show will be held on 24 to 25 April, 2018.

Source: www.stationerynews.com.au

Messe Frankfurt has announced that the 2016 edition of Paperworld saw a total of 1 608 exhibitors from 59 countries, compared to 1 636 exhibitors in 2015. Of the exhibitors, 261 came from Germany and 1 347 from abroad.

This year, the trade fair welcomed 36 733 visitors, down from 39 278 in 2015. The number of international trade visitors from 139 countries remained stable at the same high level as in 2015.

The biggest nations in terms of visitor numbers were Italy, the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, Poland, Turkey, Spain, the USA and Greece. Particularly numerous were new visitors from Turkey, the Ukraine, Columbia, Argentina and Iran.

For the three parallel shows of Paperworld, Creativeworld and Christmasworld there were around 83 000 German and international trade visitors, approximately the same as in 2015 – 83 867.

According to a poll conducted by Messe Frankfurt, the exhibitors of all three trade fairs were very pleased not only with the extremely good level of orders but also with the high degree of trade-buyer internationality and the excellent contacts made. All three parameters rose in comparison to last year.

“In addition to increasing the number of exhibitors, we also succeeded in attracting more new international buyers to Frankfurt and were thus able to further improve our exhibitors’ sales chances. Spurred by the positive economic indicators, the many visitors were more than willing to place orders,” says Detlef Braun, member of the board of management of Messe Frankfurt.

Source: www.office-times.com

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