Sustainability Week: Advancing the green economy in South Africa

With the roll-out of major renewable energy, green building and sustainable transport projects in 2013, South Africa is steadily becoming a leading green economy. To highlight the actions and interventions of thought leaders, policy makers, practitioners and producers within the country and beyond, alive2green will once again host Sustainability Week from 17 – 19 June 2014 at the CSIR International Convention Centre in Pretoria – undoubtedly the highlight of the annual environmental calendar.

The event offers various opportunities for investors, businesses and consumers to learn, share, and ultimately help improve environmental and economic performance. The Green Building Conference will see international thought leaders such as Dr Elizabeth Farrelly from the Sydney Morning Herald, and built environment designer Alberto Kalach from Mexico City, along with a host of leading South African green building experts, share knowledge and best practice ideas, along with Master Classes, technologies and materials, as well as case studies of exceptional buildings.

The Sustainable Energy Seminar will explore the idea that every effort should be made to redesign and reconfigure processes to be more energy efficient and reduce peak demand.

The Sustainable Transport & Mobility Seminar will look at how marine pollution, tail pipe emissions, profound degradation of secondary roads and high road accident fatalities are the most obvious signs that our transport sector is not operating in a sustainable manner. South African cities are designed around the car, with massive environmental and social impact.

The Sustainable Water Resource Seminar will see leading experts present the latest water efficiency technologies and best practice solutions. Halting the depletion of existing water resources by cutting wastage and pollution, and finding solutions to silting of dams and algal build up are key strategies that will be explored.

The Green Business Seminar will focus on the key question: How do we harness the market to a significantly greater degree to drive South Africa towards a green economy?

South Africa is experiencing a waste explosion. Our landfills are over-flowing and still we continue to produce and dispose of more and more. The Vision Zero Waste Seminar, in partnership with the National Recycling Forum, will invite leading industry, government and related NGO executives to report back on actions and initiatives. The session will grapple with strategies required to achieve a stepped-up level of recycling in South Africa.

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