Stolen printer cartridges recovered

Two men have been arrested for stealing R3-million worth of goods, including printer cartridges.

The two men aged 34 and 36 were arrested at a property in Benoni, after R3-million worth of stolen goods were found in storage units, including printer cartridges, 300 cases of Red Bull energy drinks and other foodstuffs.

Police had reportedly been contacted by a Crystal Park Community Police Forum member who had “spotted suspicious activity in the area”, and the two suspects were arrested “as they were offloading the stole items” at the property.

Police spokesperson officer Tryna Maritz explains: “The two foreign national suspects were asked to open the doors of their vehicle, as the Metro police wanted to search it […] one storage unit was packed with Red Bull, one with sugar, dried fruit and biscuits, and one with printer cartridges.”

The men were unable to explain why they had possession of the goods, and it was “later discovered all of the goods had been stolen in three separate incidents” between 7 and 11 January. In addition, one of the suspects, at the time of arrest, had R32,000 in cash on him.

Both men are expected to appear in the Benoni Magistrates’ Court charged with possession of stolen goods.

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