Stationery shortage shuts down licensing centres

Three Mbombela traffic and licensing centres have closed due to shortage of stationery.

Motorists are unable to renew their vehicle licenses, among other things.

It is reported that the shortage arose because the Mbombela Municipality ordered stationery late.

The centre has been closed since Monday.

Usually a hive of activity with motorists and learner drivers seeking services, on Thursday many had to leave without being assisted.

“I came here for learner’s license and I find that it is closed, it is a big problem,” says an applicant.

“I am all the way from Kaapsehoop, all I want is to renew my vehicle license and I am being turned away,” says a motorist.

Another motorist adds, “What if they fine me because my license has expired, what is going to happen?”

Two other centres remain closed, a problem the Mbombela Municipality has promised to resolve.

Municipality spokesperson Joseph Ngala says, “We have a situation were an order for forms and other papers was placed very late, we would like to apologise to the people of Mbombela for the inconvenience caused. We understand that this is something that should not have happened.”

The municipality is hoping that no motorists will be fined during this period.

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