Standard Bank launches a service to see if it is offline

Source: Business Insider SA

Standard Bank clients were left frustrated by technical problems which impacted payments in the last two weeks of April. On Monday, the bank reported that persistent issues had finally been resolved and that it had launched a new service status page to keep clients up to date with any future disruptions.

Standard Bank’s services were marred by numerous technical issues in April. Clients first reported problems with the mobile banking app halfway through the month, with Standard Bank urging users to opt for internet or cell phone banking while the “technical issues” were being fixed.

A week later, the trouble with logging into the mobile app extended to internet banking. Clients, unable to access their accounts on payday, were left fuming and took to social media to voice their dissatisfaction.

Despite Standard Bank noting that its technical issues had been resolved on 24 April, many clients complained that they continued to experience problems with both internet and mobile app-based banking services.

But Standard Bank’s April problems weren’t over. On the last day of the month, the bank confirmed yet another technical problem impacting its mobile banking app, whereby the delivery of one-time PIN (OTP) numbers was disrupted. This led to delays in confirming payments and further frustrations among clients.

On Sunday, Standard Bank reported that problems with its mobile app, internet banking, ATMs and point of sale services were affecting transactions. Blame was placed on a “hardware issue” and fed-up clients threatened to jump ship, with competitors First National Bank (FNB) extending an invitation on Standard Bank’s Twitter account.

Facing a fierce backlash, Standard Bank apologised to its clients on Monday and announced the launch of a status page which would provide real-time updates on the functionality of mobile and internet banking services.

“Following the extended disruption to our banking services, we have launched a new service status page to give you real time status of our banking services and offerings,” explained Standard Bank.

“This website was developed in the interest of transparency and customer service. We always endeavour to ensure that our systems are up and always running, but technology is fallible. With this tool we can keep our customers informed in real time while our teams work to fix any issues that might occur.”

Standard Bank clients have been urged to register for immediate updates, which can be received via SMS, email, or RSS feeds. The page displays the system’s overall functionality, with anything other than the banner stating “All Systems Operational” indicating a problem with one or more services.

The service status page tracks the real-time availability of app logins, balance checks, instant money transfers, airtime, data and electricity purchases, lottery picks, business banking statements and more.

“Any disruption of our services impacts our customers adversely,” noted Standard Bank.

“While our teams worked tirelessly to solve the problem, we know that this is not what our Standard Bank customers expect from us. Our service status page is a way to keep our customers informed if we should ever experience technical issues of this kind again.”


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