Staedtler: A name in quality products

Staedtler remains a frontrunner in the writing and drawing instruments market, producing quality products, breaking world records and being both socially and environmentally responsible.

Staedtler is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of writing and drawing instruments.  The group is the largest pencil manufacturer in Europe. It has over 2 200 employees worldwide with its head office situated in Nuremberg, Germany and its products can be found in more than 150 countries. The group boasts five manufacturing plants located in different countries with the majority of the products manufactured at its three plants in Germany. The company is proud of its long manufacturing tradition with Germany as globally, the term ‘made in Germany’ is regarded as a guarantee of top quality.

Latest developments taking place 

On 15 September 2011 Staedtler broke the world record in manufacturing the longest pencil in the world. With the help of 56 employees, the company succeeded in making a 2 252m long giant pencil. It was 9.7 times longer than the previous record-holder distinguished by the Guinness Book of Records and afterwards was cut up into handy-sized pieces and put to good use by the SOS Children’s Village in Nuremberg. On 6 May Staedtler also held the successful World Kids Colouring Day at malls across Gauteng including Greenstone, Clearwater, Cresta, Maponya and Centurion Malls raising money for charity. World Kids Colouring Day is an annual global charity event held by Staedtler each year, with this year’s theme being ‘Comic Heroes 2012’. Children were asked to draw a picture using Staedtler pencils or crayons depicting themselves as a comic hero and saying how they would make the world a better place if they were a hero.


Dynamic management team to forge new paths

The dynamic Staedtler leadership team is underpinned by proficient and loyal marketing, sales, finance, purchasing and logistics experts eager to forge new paths in the South African writing industry. Their strong leadership team has over 60 years of stationary experience and boasts over 85 years of management experience. Having now settled into her position as managing director, Sam Pickering-Dunn, is excited for the future of the South African facility. She says that Staedtler has an excellent reputation in the South African market and will continue to provide service excellence, as well as to bring innovative and quality products to our consumers.


Producing world class products

Staedtler products stand for perfect writing performance, high reliability and superb writing comfort. The company sees its products as helpful tools for promoting the flow of creative thoughts, coupled with exceptional writing comfort and innovative features that are sure to make Staedtler the favourite writing instrument among customers. The company continuously strives to develop better writing, colouring and drawing instruments and aims to produce products where the customer enjoys the good feeling of holding a genuine, high-quality product in their hand. Their product ideas captivate the public through intelligent design and finesse and above all meet the exacting demand for quality. In 2009, Staedtler Lumocolor celebrated its 55th anniversary illustrating the success of one of the group’s quality products made in Germany. Staedtler Lumocolor is sold in over 150 countries around the world, has a market share of 70% in Germany and is a market leader in Europe.  The unique product advantages offered by these universal pens guarantee outstanding writing and marking performance whatever the application and whatever the surface. 


Taking a look back

Friedrich Staedtler, pencil pioneer and ancestor of Johann Sebastian Staedtler, who laid the foundation for today’s Staedtler company group in 1835 passed on valuable knowledge concerning the pencil-making trade through five generations. Friedrich Staedtler is considered to be the first officially recognised ‘lead-pencil maker’ with references dating back to 1662 in Nuremberg’s city annals. Friedrich Staedtler applied to the Nuremberg council for permission to manufacture pencils independently about 350 years ago, however the council rejected his application. He ignored the council’s rejection, producing pencils from then on and as from 14 July 1662, he officially referred to himself as a lead-pencil maker entering this as his profession in the church register of St. Lorenz for the first time at the christening of his first child. This step not only marked the beginning of the pencil-making tradition within his family, but was also of great consequence for the pencil making trade as a whole. Today the Staedtler Company is rich in tradition with long established brands such as ‘Mars’ and ‘Noris’ that are registered trademarks in more than
100 countries around the world.


Caring about the earth

The protection of the environment, the consumer and the employee all hold a high degree of importance in the Staedtler corporate philosophy. They place strong emphasis on a fully-integrated and uniform environmental protection programme and every employee plays a part in living up to special responsibility to the environment. Long before the emergence of the many eco-standards and environmental seals, the group demonstrated corporate responsibility through environmentally friendly processes and self-imposed eco-controlling, with the company acting ecologically and efficiently at the same time. Staedtler’s passion for pencils and for the precious material wood is still very much alive and in 2009 they revolutionised the pencil to protect trees and forests and give customers an even better writing experience at the same time. Not only do they utilise only certified woods for all wood-cased pencils, they have also developed the Wopex pencil which is a true tree-saving wonder. This material and special extrusion
technology means more pencils can be made out of one tree than is possible using conventional manufacturing methods.


Giving back to the community

The funds raised from the World Kids Colouring Day mall activation has been donated to the Educare Foundation, which promotes literacy with the less fortunate children.  Partnering with PNA on another World Kids Colouring Day fundraiser in May, schools were canvassed and scholars entered the colouring in competition with a small donation for charity. The winning school with the most entries will select the charity to which the funds from this project will be donated. Staedtler has also assisted with various community projects with donations of stationary for the disadvantaged. Corporate social responsibility and community upliftment is highly valued at Staedtler.


A prosperous future ahead

With decades of experience in the development and manufacture of professional writing and drawing instruments, Staedtler continues making innovative, quality products that are both earth-friendly and customer-friendly. The group which is one of the world’s leading suppliers of writing and drawing instruments – and which proudly claims to give form to the ideas of people the world over – is heading for a bright future empowered by a team of dynamic and loyal staff.

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