Spicers reveals product range extension

Spicers has released full details of its new “Limitless” product range extension, unlocking access to thousands of new products for the wholesaler’s customer base.
With the goal of encouraging sustained business growth and delivering extra service benefits to the end user via the dealer community, Spicers presented ideas on the concept of category diversification at Dealer Forums held across the UK earlier this year. Feedback from the sessions from dealer partners were captured, taken away and developed by the wholesaler to launch the new online sourcing solution branded as Limitless Range.

Incorporated into the release of their main October Spicerfile, Spicers introduced the first phase of Limitless Range with more than 4 000 additional products to their range which opens opportunities to service tail EOS products, educational books and lighting.

Key to introducing increased product sectors online is the supply of accompanying high quality, rich data content with searchable attributes that assists an end-user in making the right choice for the requirements. Limitless Range works by utilising the Spicers e-catalogue data solution which is ready prepared for dealers to sell this increased choice of products effectively in their online stores.

Marketing director at Spicers, Rebecca says: “Within a declining office supplies market we have to cater for more diverse user needs. By being able to service a wider spectrum of their customer base’s supplies around their workspace, dealers become a more effective and supportive supply partner. Our new ranges are all essentials around almost every workplace and easily tag onto a stationery order.”

By building a product range of categories serviced in conjunction with specialist suppliers, Spicers can offer an increased breadth of range, relevant to an end-user’s business, which dealers can proactively offer an extended level of service. The Spicers e-catalogue enhanced data sets incorporate Spicers new ‘Limitless’ product range and allows a Dealer to present products in their online store as part of their core proposition.

Stallard adds: “The online space today is used as a research tool in addition to a purchasing platform and, with such a vast choice of places to shop for office supplies, making a Web store easy to use is crucial. The new ‘Limitless’ service works with orders placed as normal by the end user online and are serviced using the normal delivery methods used by our dealer base so the customer experience is maintained for the end-user on an extended lead time.”

The product category extension will continue to roll out new product sectors which are well aligned to a dealer’s core business over the coming months. Each new launch is released with marketing and sales support packs to assist a business and their sales staff to understand and approach the new opportunity.

By Austin Clark for www.dealersupport.co.uk

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