South Africa’s Internet is the most resilient in Africa

Source: MyBroadband

South Africa has the most resilient Internet in Africa, new data from the Internet Society’s Pulse Platform has revealed.

The Internet Society is a global non-profit promoting the development and use of an open, globally-connected, and secure Internet.

It defined a resilient Internet connection as one that maintains an acceptable level of service in the face of faults and challenges to regular operation.

According to the Internet Society’s Pulse Platform, South Africa achieved high marks in infrastructure, security, market readiness, and performance.

All of these factors will be essential for connecting underserved communities and encouraging economic growth and innovation, it stated.

South Africa achieved an overall score of 69%, broken down as follows:

  • 68% in performance
  • 69% in infrastructure
  • 69% in security
  • 68% in market readiness

Mauritius ranked second in the region with an overall score of 66%, followed by Seychelles with 58%.

Eritrea, the Central African Republic, and South Sudan scored the worst with 24%, 26%, and 28%, respectively.

Southern Africa had the highest Internet resilience on the continent on average, with a score of 51%. Middle Africa came last with 38%.

“Unfortunately, not all countries have reliable Internet infrastructure,” the Internet Society stated.

“Low-income countries often have under-provisioned networks and lack both robust cable infrastructure and redundant interconnection systems.”

It said that in these countries or regions, the likelihood of Internet outages occurring is much higher than elsewhere.

The Internet Society said that its Pulse Platform’s Resilience Index would be expanding in the future to focus on other regions of the world.

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