South Africans warned not to wear masks and gloves during lockdown

Source: eNCA

The Western Cape Health Department is appealing to the public to stop using gloves and masks. It warns these items have a risk of spreading coronavirus if not used properly.

The Head of the Western Cape Department of Health, Dr Beth Engelbrecht, says if a person is not ill and has not been in contact with infected persons they don’t need to wear masks and gloves.

“We saw that people are wearing masks and actually that could put them in more danger if they do.

If you wear a mask and you don’t need it then you fiddle with the mask all the time and you touch your face frequently and the face is the area where most of the infection gets through to the body so it puts you at risk,” said Dr Engelbrecht.

She said washing your hands with soap and water and ensuring you don’t touch your face is the best solution.

* This is a developing story and will be updated accordingly.


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