SMBs benefit from colour

SMB expert Melinda Emerson encourages colour printing, with five ways that colour can aid your business.

Small-to-medium business (SMB)  expert Melina Emerson has urged SMB owners via Xerox Newsroom to adopt colour, stating the use “could mean the difference between whether your marketing materials get read, or tossed into file zero – the trash”. To this end, Emerson presents five options in which colour can improve your small business.

Firstly, the SMB expert urges the creation of a specialist colour logo: “A logo must be simple and memorable […] versatile and appropriate […] You wouldn’t use an elegant font for a pizza joint.

“Always use at least two colours in a logo and hire a professional to assist you. Your company name in a stylised font is NOT a logo”.

The same principles apply when creating colour business cards, with Emerson again urging the use of at least two colours: “Even consider using a strong background colour to stand out. My business cards for my company Quintessence Multimedia are red, and people always comment on their uniqueness”.

Not necessarily a detail many will have considered, Emerson encourages the use of a smiling colour headshot: “You need a friendly, smiling headshot because, remember, you are selling yourself as much as your product or service”.

A commonly monochrome document for SMBs, one-sheet or two-sided flyers are encourages to be produced in full colour: “[Also,] considering glossy flyers, they always look more expensive and polished”.

Finally, Emerson states that direct mail should be produced in colour, querying: “Have you every received a black and white mailer from someone looking for business from you? What did you think about the business who sent it? Not much, right? Don’t make that mistake. Design a direct mail piece that represents you well”.

Emerson is steadfast with her conviction on the power of colour: “Putting it simply, colour gets noticed […] A recent Xerox Color survery reported that 76 percent of respondents said they could find information faster when printed in colour”. From the business owner’s perspective, “87 percent of respondents in a recent Xerox survey said professional graphics used in marketing materials […] was a key ingredient in the success of a product or service”.

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