Simple analysis can save publishers money

“Probably every single magazine published in this country is wasting vast amounts of cash because of what’s known as ‘bad data’ – and we can stop that almost immediately,” says Chris Brewer of Brewer’s Advertising Data.

Brewer’s Advertising Data has streamlined one of their services which may save the publishing industry many millions of rands.

Brewer adds that to see such savings requires no upfront funding.

“We are not selling a service,” he says, “but will only request a fee after the event – and by that I mean after irrefutable proof that substantial savings have been made – normally when the owner can see there is more cash in the bank.”

The company accepts that this is a difficult concept to digest but remains adamant.

“There is no catch, no outlay and no risk whatsoever and there are substantial savings to be made – in fact, this could very well keep many marginal titles alive.”

This is a proven idea and has been tested on one of South Africa’s leading titles. It resulted in a first-year saving of close to R1-million.

“I strongly advise all publishers and owners of magazine titles – regardless of size and circulation – to contact me directly on  021 702 4484 or

“We will examine the value of their wasted expenditure. Thereafter we will produce a recommendation on the amount of savings available to them and initiate the recovery procedure. It’s really very easy, and there is absolutely no obligation whatsoever.”

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