shop-sa holds 2019 AGM

shop-sa held its AGM at the Killarney Country Club on Thursday 17 October.

Guest speaker Gavin Sharples opened the meeting by giving a talk on the importance of chinking – change, innovate and thinking creatively.

Sharples highlighted the importance of chinking in businesses in order for them to succeed. Asking “what can we do?” or “how can we change?” is the marker of highly successful companies and people.

A good example of this is Nokia, which originally made paper and pulp. In 2007 they were the sixth biggest company on Earth. But in 2019, almost no one uses Nokia because they missed the opportunity to change, innovate and be creative.
Ultimately, a company that doesn’t change is a company that is doomed to die. Companies and people need to acknowledge that there are different points of view in the world, and that is an asset.

Rob Matthews of IT-Online outlined the growth of the shop-sa publications – My Office News, My Tech News and shop-sa Trade News.

Chairman Hans Servas then addressed the meeting with a welcome, apologies and confirmation of last year’s minutes. He also provided an overview of this year’s OPI report.

The board remains as last year, with the addition of Roger Bozzoli of RBE.

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