Seven key stationery items for hobbyists

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To write down things on hard paper has become an old school thing. With the rise of digital media, a lot of us have forgotten the blissful feeling of writing with hands on paper and how it makes our hearts pour out things through the pen. Journaling is one of the best habits or hobbies one could have to understand themselves better and also to refine life with past experiences. This self-introspection process is an interesting aspect of growing and is very much recommended for anyone who wants to be a better person than who you were yesterday.

Here are seven supplies that are a must-have if you are making journaling a habit:

Paper punch

Exciting and colourful paper punches that come in different designs are ideal to create lovely clear embossed patterns. You can use it to make your journal look more interesting and vibe with your persona.

Marble sticky notes

To mark important dates and events of your life in a brief form and also to highlight your best moments, sticky notes can be a great help. It’ll add an aesthetic spin to your journal.

Canvas pencil wrap

Instead of having a pouch or a sturdy box to carry your pencil, pen, sharpener and other stationery items, a beautiful print wrap will accommodate all your essentials and is also easy to carry around.

Spiral notebooks

If you need pages you can tear out and use a regular and basic journal, then these spiral notebooks are what you were looking for.

Self-exploration journal

With exercises, prompts and quotes, these journals will put your creative brain to work and encourage you to write, draw and answer questions that’ll make you connect with your soul better.

Vintage masking tape

These masking tapes featuring colourful sea elements like starfish, scallops, shells and whales will make your journal feel more lively and interactive.


A planner is sure to help you take small steps each day to reach your goals and dreams and live a life filled with magic, creativity, and happiness.

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