SA’s Black Friday specials not that special

Retail Analyst Syd Vianello has told CNBC Africa that although Black Friday creates the perception you are getting a discount, it may not actually be the case.

He believes that retailers use Black Friday as an opportunity to get rid of products that don’t sell well.

“Retailers are discounting these products on Black Friday because they were not selling in any event,” he said. He maintains that no “clever” retailer will discount potentially top-selling products as it will be a big loss on an item that consumers would have purchased for full price.

A new festive season trend
Vianello says that, far from creating another peak shopping period, festive season sales have just shifted from Christmas to Black Friday. Some sales from the December period have now moved to late November, and consumers are splitting their money between Christmas and Black Friday.

“We now have to look at November and December sales as a grouping rather than to look at each month individually.
“Consumers have a certain amount of money to spend. It is simply a question of how they allocate that money between Black Friday and Christmas,” he says.

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