Samsung launches Paper Purifier and Humidifier

Samsung South Africa has launched the Paper Air Purifier and Humidifier, with innovative features that contribute to overall well-being by ensuring cleaner air.

“Although most people take the air that they breathe for granted, the quality thereof can have an enormous impact on one’s health and energy levels,” says Michael McKechnie, divisional head for Digital Air Solutions at Samsung Electronics SA.

“Unfortunately, the air inside your home or office might be more dangerous to your health than the air outside. Old appliances, toxic cleaning products, dust, pets and poor ventilation all contribute to impurities in the air. Allergies, asthma and bronchitis are some of the more intense side effects that come with poor air quality. This latest addition to our range of air solutions is engineered to deliver exceptional comfort, health and hygiene benefits.

“The device offers a solution for consumers who want to make sure that the air in their households is clean and free of airborne bacteria.”

The Paper Air Purifier and Humidifier are equipped with innovative high efficiency premium filters that work in tandem to filter airborne contaminants.

High efficiency premium filters includes the Pre filter, HEPA filter and Deodorisation active carbon filter which all collect dust and smoke particles from the air. The Pre filter helps collect big dusts and particles in advance, whilst the HEPA filter traps microscopic dust and animal fur. The Deodorisation active carbon filter removes unpleasant odours.

It has an automatic nano (0,1nm) humidification function through disc type evaporation which keeps the optimised humidity condition (40% to 60%) for healthy moisture and clean air. If you live somewhere with high humidity you may want to get one of the best dehumidifiers for basements, crawl spaces, and… other places in your home. The Paper Air Purifier also comes with the revolutionary Virus Doctor Plasma Ionizer, consisting of S-Plasma ion technology which helps eliminate airborne viruses, allergy causing bacteria, fungi and mould.

The technology generates Hydrogen atoms and Oxygen ions which convert biological contaminants like bacteria and viruses into harmless water vapour. The result is a strong sterilising effect for cleaner and healthier indoor air quality. It removes common allergens such as dust mites and micro-organisms and the elimination of these assists in controlling asthma.

“The Paper purifier’s design is simple and elegant to easily fit into the décor of any home. You will definitely feel the comfort of clean air when investing in this product,” concludes McKechnie.

The product is available at leading retailers and the recommended retail price is R7 100.

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