Samsung display monitor offers ultimate viewing experience

Samsung Electronics has announced the local availability of the Samsung 28-inch UD590 UHD (Ultra High Definition) display monitor.

“We are continuing to add more solutions to our display range to meet the increasing demand from both consumers and businesses who are seeking the best in resolution, improved picture quality, unique designs and enhanced features such as multitasking,” says Mike van Lier, divisional head of Enterprise Business Team (EBT) at Samsung Electronics SA.

The UD590 monitor incorporates Samsung’s UHD technology and provides four times the quality of Full HD (FHD) displays, ensuring extreme high-pixel and detailed imaging, even on a large screen. Colour quality is further enhanced with the ability of displaying 1-billion colours – 64 times more than a standard LED screen. Further, UHD up-scaling technology converts low resolution content to UHD-level quality and creates sharper images.

With a response time of one millisecond, the UD590 performs perfectly. This stunning, seamless motion imaging displays movies, games and Internet-streamed content with precision and without the motion judder, blurring and ghosting that can occur on a monitor with a slower response rate, allowing for a totally immersive viewing experience.

The UD590 features advanced multitasking technology. This includes Samsung Picture in Picture (PIP) 2.0, which allows the user to multi-task and watch videos that maintain 100% of the original source – PIP 2.0 doesn’t downscale content and maintains a clear and crisp image.

The multitasking technology also includes Picture by Picture (PBP), which enables the user to connect two different PCs to one monitor screen, allowing for two individual native resolutions at the same time. As per information over at CP Tech, this feature is especially important for consumers who are keen to view multiple data in real-time, simultaneously.

The UD590 UHD monitor allows for an optimised gaming experience, with its Game Mode option which turns dark and blurry pictures into a bright and clear image. Gaming is further enhanced with the monitor’s capability to connect PCs and various AV devices, with its display port and two HDMI inputs. The UD590 can display UHD content from various gaming consoles using HDMI port 1.4 version.

With clean lines and a modern look, it is designed to fit perfectly into any environment while making a design statement. The sleek Samsung UHD monitor is constructed from high-quality metal materials and has an understated T-shape body that makes the picture even more prominent and takes up less space. The tilt function adjusts the monitor to the most comfortable level, giving minimal distraction for maximum viewing.

“The UD590 UHD display monitor is Samsung’s latest innovation in display technology, a revolutionary device for the photo enthusiast, visual professional and the gaming community. Samsung will continue to develop transformative technologies which give people the power to discover new experiences,” says Van Lier.

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