Rooted in ergonomic insight, the new pioneering portfolio from Herman Miller

With increasing workplace injuries and disorders due to bad postures from workstations, ergonomics and wellbeing within the workplace have never been so important. 

With a strong heritage in researching and designing products for the workplace for almost 100 years, Herman Miller has gained insight into what people need around them to make them work more efficiently, collaboratively and comfortably. As the demands placed on both workplace and employees increase, every element of the working environment needs to support the way we work more efficiently. 

The belief at Herman Miller is that it is possible to feel good at work by listening to the human body and understanding the link between comfort, health and productivity. Herman Miller has long led the field in ergonomic design by taking the time to understand working style and resulting health issues in the workplace.

The world renowned furniture company has unveiled a new portfolio of products that is set to keep businesses across South Africa performing at their best by helping their people Thrive in the office. 

Widely regarded as the pioneers in workspace ergonomics, Herman Miller revealed its new Thrive portfolio at showcases in Observatory, Cape Town and Sandton Johannesburg. Thrive brings together years of industry-leading research into how people work and features designs by global experts.


Designs that synchronise with the human body to help employees feel better and work better 

Herman Miller’s Thrive portfolio has been designed to address the pressures put on the individual from the reduction of their personal workspace and the increased role of technology in their day to day activities. 

Broken down into four key categories of seating, technology support, tables and lighting, Thrive combines these elements to promote healthy working.

Firstly, Thrive addresses ergonomic seating needs, through the most innovative office chairs ever produced with trademarked science that allows them to provide optimal support while eliminating pressure points. With iconic designs such as SAYL and Aeron chairs included in the collection. 

Secondly, Thrive offers solutions to help technology fit the user, from monitor arms to dynamic monitor supports, offering a solution to the bad postures that result from the increased use of technology in the workspace. 

Performance tables such as the Everywhere range allow people to switch their posture any time they like. 

The final key element in the Thrive portfolio is the task light. Personalised lights dramatically reduce eyestrain, and support attachments that enable people to tailor their workstation to their own personal needs. 

Rob Keddie, Herman Miller Regional Director – Middle East and Africa, commented, “Back in the 1960s, long before the term ergonomics was widely known, George Nelson designed a stand-up, roll-top desk for our Action Office line because he intuitively understood that he worked better if he was able to stand and move around. 

“This launch in South Africa represents a huge milestone on our journey to aiding businesses to help their people feel supported, comfortable and happy at work. But it is just one step, and at Herman Miller we’ll continue to work with best in class designers and scientists to keep leading the field in developing ergonomic solutions.”  

Herman Miller’s Thrive portfolio of ergonomic furnishings and fittings for the workplace will be available exclusively through All Office showrooms in Johannesburg and Cape Town.  

Herman Miller has a highly trained sales lead ready to conduct bespoke workplace evaluations and ergonomic training with support from the All Office sales team.

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