Ricoh launches the GWNX next generation controller for MFPs

Ricoh SA has launched the new GWNX (next generation)controller, which makes multi-function printers more sustainable, secure, and user-friendly.


Among its many features the new controller’s interface is updated to printers and multifunction devices and allows users to personalise the interface to a greater degree than ever before, it is more intelligent to ultimately improve efficiencies and availability, it’s more environmentally friendly, it extends secure, remote faxing, incorporates USB ports for device-side document handling, and it is compatible with a range of new models.


“Security received a lot of attention in the GWNX controller and one of the new features is the fax output timer,” says Davy Khonzani, marketing product manager at Ricoh SA. “It holds faxes in memory instead of leaving them in the catch tray before printing them at a predetermined time. That means the process is automated, it eliminates risk, and it protects information.”


Additional security features include saving scans asdigitally signed PDFs or in PDF/A format and AES256bit encryption can be selected to protect the data, meaning information is secure. All paper output is marked with a line of information that identifies the origin of each particular sheet when the Mandatory Security Information setting is configured.


The GWNX enables MFPs to display an intelligent and intuitive interface with a large, tiltable touch screen. A Home button brings up the start screen in one touch, making the control panel easy to navigate. MFP users can create a personal start screen, including individual icons to act as shortcuts to their most popular tasks and settings, making the MFP quicker to use. The new operation panel also features SD and USB slots for easy file browsing on the touch screen. An optional Browser Unit makes it possible tosurf and print directly from the Internet.


Scheduled Print is one of the new workflow features of the GWNX controller, which automatically sets large print jobs to run out of regular office hours, keeping the MFP available for smaller jobs during theday.


Documents are easily managed, through banner pages that divide the output stack in separate print jobs and the built-in document server which stores all documents, both private and public, for convenient and fast reproduction and sharing of information.


The GWNX helps reduce the environmental impacts of using an MFP. Quota Setting can limit the amount of total output for a specified user or user group, meaning people don’t print more than necessary. The Eco-Friendly Indicator monitors the printing and copying behaviour of each individual user with the information presented in a clear infographic reporting paper use, colour use, duplex and combine printing (printing two pages of content onto one page). Reports compare results month-on-month, meaning businesses can identify ways to be more environmentally responsible in their document management.


Media enquiries: Davy Khonzani, Ricoh SA

Contact details: 011 723 5099


Issued by: Michelle Oelschig, Scarlet Letter

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