Rejuvention of the Waltons brand

Waltons has embarked on a rejuvenation process to reposition and rebrand itself in the market.


After strategic examination of the business, Waltons’ core business purpose has now been defined as ‘breeding success’. “Our new strategic direction is as a result of considerable introspection and planning. We analysed our current business models and realised that we needed to reinvigorate the brand and evolve, and in some places, reinvent, our core offerings. We realised that we need to listen to our customers and talk more directly to their needs and aspirations,” says David Jenkins, Group Managing Director.

We have adopted three key values to be driven across the business: Solution Focused – I want to give you solutions that are relevant and simple, Success Oriented – I want you to have the best chance at success and Valued Partner – I am an important part of your business. This value set will be supported by the following behaviours:

1.       Do the right thing always

2.       Build a positive team spirit

3.       Embrace and drive change

4.       Act with a common purpose

5.       Be humble (serve before self)

6.       Be innovative and act courageously

7.       Deliver wow through service

8.       Build open and honest relationships

9.       Always be accountable

10.   Be passionate and determined

Partnering with our clients to offer them the best solutions to support their success is a key component of Waltons’ new approach to the way they do business.

“A good way to explain our new mindset is with some tangible examples,” explains Jenkins. “We don’t sell white boards, we sell the ability to capture ideas for growth, we don’t sell calculators and laptops, we sell the ability to make money, and we don’t sell office desks, we sell the corporate culture everyone buys into.”

Walton’s new pay-offline speaks directly to the company’s purpose, while the Waltons wordmark has been brought right up to date, resulting in a refreshed logo with rounder edges and a watermark – resulting in movement and more depth. While remaining true to the brand identity, this update is in sync with a modern company on the move.

The rejuvenation process also addresses previous limitations in the company structure, with a focus on centralising key head office functions to leverage synergies and provide for a more unified and focused organisation.

Walton’s senior management team was proud to launch its new vision for the brand and the organisation through a staff roadshow that took place early June and was rolled out across Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth.

“In bringing home our new approach, three key themes will be driven across the business as the company gears for a new phase of growth. ‘Commitment’,  ‘Speed’ and ‘Laser-like Focus’ will be expounded upon across all aspects as the company strives towards operational excellence,” states Jenkins.

With a new strategic direction, a clear purpose and well-articulated values and behaviours, together with new operational measures geared towards capturing greater efficiencies and a focus on people and service excellence, the company has set its sights on an exciting new era, following on from a long tradition of success. 

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