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Reduce waste, energy consumption with Epson printers

European businesses currently using laser printers and copiers could dramatically reduce their waste, energy consumption and noise emissions by switching to Epson WorkForce Pro inkjet printers, according to new independent tests by Buyers Laboratory LLC (BLI) commissioned by Epson.

BLI tested several WorkForce Pro models against a selection of competing colour lasers and laser copiers and found that Epson’s printers produce up to 95% or 77 kilograms less waste when printing up to 80,000 pages. Furthermore, BLI tests against a selection of competing machines showed that Epson WorkForce Pro models use up to 82% less energy than lasers and laser copiers.1

“The outstanding eco features of our WorkForce Pro printers are made possible by Epson’s PrecisionCore inkjet printhead, which uses Epson’s proprietary Micro Piezo technology,” comments Paul Steels, Director of Business Imaging, Epson Europe.

“PrecisionCore printheads have the ability to accurately fire a wide variety of liquids in exactly the required quantities at varying media on demand, minimizing ink waste and reducing the frequency of consumables replacement, therefore producing much less waste compared to colour lasers and copiers.”

“Laser printers and copiers use a combination of heat and pressure to fuse toner to the paper. Instead of heat, Epson’s inkjet printers use subtle changes in pressure to fire ink droplets on to the paper, so they consume minimal energy when printing.”

In addition, the BLI research confirms that over a range of typical office activities for a three-minute period, WorkForce Pro models are up to 18% quieter (29.42 dBA) than competitive laser printers and copiers, making them ideal for the work environment.2

“Inkjet printers are capable of entering a sleep mode at a much faster rate compared to lasers, which reduces both energy consumption and noise emissions, helping employees focus on the task at hand,” Steels adds.

“Businesses and organizations today are constantly looking for new ways to keep distraction down and workplace efficiency up,” commented BLI Senior Editor Priya Gohil. “The clear environmental benefits, among others found in these tests, demonstrate the unique advantages inkjet printers have – making them the ones to watch in the printer space.”

The BLI test results for the WorkForce Pro range highlight Epson’s strength in developing compact, energy-saving, and high-precision technologies, which form a common base for all of Epson’s core technologies: Micro Piezo, sensing and microdisplay.

Rob Clark, senior vice-president for Epson Europe, adds:

“Through characteristics such as minimizing the use of resources and reducing waste, our core technologies are kind on the environment. Epson will continue to refine these technologies to increase the value we provide to our customers and further contribute to the environment.”

“On a company level, Epson is committed to achieving its ‘Environmental Vision 2050’ by restoring and preserving biodiversity as a member of the eco system, reducing CO2 emissions by 90% across the entire product life cycle and ensuring all products are included in the resource and reuse recycling loop.”

“As part of our environmental goals, we are challenging ourselves to create compelling, customer-pleasing products that have 50% lower impact across their life cycle by making them more compact, reducing their power requirements, designing them for easy recycling and extending their service life. By reducing the environmental impact across our products, services and all areas of operation, we help our customers to meet their environmental targets,” Clark concludes.

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