Ready, Steady, Go… have you started your BTS season yet?

The early bird catches the worm and the back-to-school (BTS) savvy mom avoids the queues by shopping early in the year.

Retailers are pushing BTS sales earlier than ever by encouraging their clientele to purchase stocks for the last two terms of the year and in preparation for the end of year rush – and before the New Year’s price increases.

Walmart already has a back-to-school web page for student fashions, backpacks, and other school gear, as well as another page featuring their back-to-college apparel and tech. Apple’s BTS promotional deals are expected to be announced any day and other retailers on the international markets are already sending out marketing emails that promote the idea that BTS is fine to buy early.

Why push BTS season so early? Most families have finite resources that they can spend on BTS stationery. By encouraging early planning by mom’s for an earlier start, it means consumers have more time to spread the spend in their tight budgets. Instead of a huge stationery outlay in December and January, parents are being encouraged to stock up early now and avoid the panic of BTS season. We all know that overwhelmed parents can make hasty and mostly nasty decisions – such as purchasing on price rather than quality – when pushed to start-of-school deadlines.

Practically, for the retailer too, it is cheaper and easier to send out an e-mail blast or put up a back-to-school web page than it is to rearrange shelves and create promotional sections inside multiple stores.

Just like Christmas, BTS season is starting earlier and earlier – perfect for those deals just too good for mom’s to pass up.

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