Re-Distribution… SA-style

We were shocked and horrified to hear that only a couple of months after moving into their new, state-of-the-art offices down Woodmead way, that the Tarsus warehouse was robbed of nearly R9-million worth of stock. Even more shocking was the fact that the gang of nine armed robbers seemed to know exactly what they were doing and looking for when they committed the crime. They ambushed CEO Anton Herbst as he was leaving the premises – later than most – and forced him at gunpoint to use his security clearance to gain access to the areas they had targeted. The robbers concentrated on notebooks and other mobile products – their only misinformation, apparently was when they demanded to know where Tarsus’ cell phone stock was. We’re very glad to report that neither Herbst nor other staff were injured in the robbery, but the very trauma of the incident does not bear thinking about. We hear that some useful images of the gangsters were captured by the company’s CCTV – maybe Tarsus should consider distributing these not only in an attempt to see them brought to justice, but also so that other distributors can be made aware of the potential threats. Threats, we might add, that are commonplace in the South African channel, but which European and US colleagues can never comprehend when you relate such stories.

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