Ramaphosa’s personal data hacked

Source: Cape Town etc

President Cyril Ramaphosa was recently hacked, with sensitive details exposed by the group “SpiderLog$”.

According to the Sunday Times, his home address, ID and cellphone numbers, as well as a loan Ramaphosa took out back in the early 2000s, were accessed.

The data was reportedly obtained from an earlier breach as TransUnion contested.

The aim of the hack was to expose how much of a “playground” South Africa is for hackers, as the group said to Sunday Times, with whom they also supplied screenshots that inferred access to military intelligence datasets.

MyBroadband reports that part of the vulnerabilities ‘secured’ by the government, is the DigiTech app store, which showed an “inability to properly secure online system.”

Although it may come as a shock to some that our president was hacked, the gaping holes in security at the top echo what appears to be the gaping limitations of data security in SA.

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