Ramaphosa points to elections rerun if coalition talks fail

By Juniour Khumalo for News24

President Cyril Ramaphosa has insisted that the ANC will not go into coalitions at any costs.

The president said they were not begging for coalition partners.

Ramaphosa and Jeff Radebe both hinted at an election rerun if governments were not formed in hung municipalities.

“I have been hearing parties saying they will not go into coalition with the ANC and that made me wonder, who said the ANC wants to get into partnerships with them?” These were the sentiments expressed by President Cyril Ramaphosa as he addressed the ANC’s post elections briefing at the UJ campus in Soweto.

Ramaphosa said the ANC, although wounded, was still not ready to compromise and enter into coalitions just for the sake of it.

He was referring to the DA, ActionSA and GOOD, who said they will not enter into coalition talks with the ANC.

“Legislation will kick in if there is a failure to formulate councils and a rerun of elections in those hung municipalities could be forced,” said Ramaphosa. He emphasised that the ANC would not be going into coalitions at all costs.”

Ramaphosa said to resounding applause from the hundreds that had filled up the sizable UJ venue:

It’s okay, we are not on our knees and begging and if we have to be in opposition then we will be in opposition. We will not go cap in hand to everybody, we are the ANC.

Ramaphosa’s sentiments echoed those expressed by former minister Jeff Radebe who told News24 that the ANC was agreeable to allowing reruns in elections in hung councils rather than settle in coalition negotiations.

Both Ramaphosa and Radebe said what was important for the ANC was that principles that ensured that the communities were provided with service delivery would be at the forefront of the negotiations and not what benefited the parties involved.

Ramaphosa, however, did not shy away from giving an honest assessment of how the party performed during the past elections.

He said the performance was the worst in the party’s history and this was the first time since the dawn of democracy that the party had fallen below 50%. He blamed the infighting in the ANC and corruption allegations for being the catalyst of this dismal showing.

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