Quintica assists hotel chain with customer insight

When a leading hotel and entertainment group identified the need to better understand how its customers were engaging with its Web site, it turned to Quintica to assist with the deployment of its BMC End User Experience Management (EUEM) solution.

Key to the company’s requirements was to create 20/20 visibility for the enterprise and of the enterprise in a solution that was deployed as a SaaS and Cloud model. The EUEM solution would primarily be used to monitor the behaviour of customers logging onto the company’s Web site and making use of its booking engine, and secondly to create a view of events occurring within the backend of its IT systems.

“The client was very clear that they wanted to track their end user experience of the Web site. So if someone logs into their site they wanted to know what room they look at first and then how their selections are either confirmed or how they change as they navigate through areas of the site,” states Gerhard Oosthuizen, Senior Consultant – Cloud and Automation at Quintica. “Key to what they wanted was to be able to create a view of behavioural analysis, as well as to get a view of where customers are actually logging into the site from.”

The hotel group currently makes use of the EUEM solution to help track the experience and behaviour of customers while accessing its check out, review and confirmation pages; the select room and view rooms service; the search results page; date validation services; guest information page and related service calls.

It then also wanted this extended to gather details and information from the itinerary details page or process rebates service call, guest info, confirmation page, manage my account, flight search page and flight selection page. On the backend the EUEM system is also required to monitor the booking platform, the load guest plan service, log out service, log in service, airport selection and search service requests.

“A key problem with a Web site is that you lose the personal touch of being able to reach a visual conclusion on what the customer wants from seeing their reactions. The EUEM solution has given this specific customer all of that power back, as well as providing them a view of the health of the backend of their system,” adds Oosthuizen.

The system also provides the customer the ability to gather geographic information, see page response times, check the availability of the service and then create detailed intelligence around the customer experience so that they can improve the service where needed. In fact it is so granular that the customer can even see what device or OS the customer is accessing the site from.

What’s more, is that as the system monitors the backend as well, the customer has been able to gather data on their application servers, databases and even the network. They can even monitor the response times and make suggestions on how to improve these.

“A real benefit for customers making use of the EUEM offering is that all of the data you collect on the customer is all real data, it is happening in real time and is a view of what the customer is actually doing. This is a huge plus for customers who in the past have had to rely on what ifs and synthetic testing and scenario mapping.

“With this specific customer we have had to recently assist them in moving their operations across continents. The team was adamant that the site would be the last thing to move, and it would not move until the EUEM solution was in place and running so that they could see and monitor any disruptions to customer service. This speaks volumes as to how much value the business attributes to the service,” ends Oosthuizen.

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