Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI): How it will affect our way of marketing


With the Protection of Personal Information Act coming in to place, it is imperative for marketers to keep abreast of all the legalities around POPI. Your organisation’s reputation may suffer if you are found to be in the wrong side of the law. You have to minimise the risk to the organisation and protect the organisation’s reputation. 

Attend the Marketing Legislation seminar taking place on 30 July 2013. The seminar is developed to keep you up to speed with the latest legal requirements and developments affecting marketing and advertising today.

Kevin Dam, Director at DM Kisch will talk about how POPI will affect our way of marketing. Other topics to be discussed include; The Consumer Protection Act, legal requirements for marketing on social media, Brand protection, trade mark and Intellectual property and more…


• Learn how to make POPI work for you
• Understand the crucial legal factors in advertising and marketing
• Learn about the legal considerations for marketing on social media
• Listen to experts in marketing law
• Network and build professional relationships


• Marketing managers and executives
• Brand managers and executives
• Advertising agencies
• Brand and marketing consultancies
• Legal advisors
• Small business owners
• Sales managers


Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI): How it will affect our way of marketing.
How unsolicited telephone offers, cold calls, spam email, etc. will be affected.

Kevin Dam, Director, DM Kisch

Precautions to be considered before placing an ad!
Gail Schimmel, Advertising law expert, Clear Copy

The perils of misleading advertising vs. the right to fair and reasonable advertising:

• Latest ASA Code changes affecting substantiation.
• Latest ASA decisions on substantiation
• Practical tips on dealing with the ASA

The Consumer Protection Act: points of caution for Businesses and lessons learnt

Hugh Melamdowitz, Partner, Spoor & Fisher

• Consumer Rights
• Discriminatory Marketing
• Privacy – Direct Marketing
• Strict Liability
• Contract Terms

Legal considerations for marketing on social media
Michael Judin, Senior Partner, JudinInc

• Understating Social Media from a Corporate Governance perspective in the light of the Company’s Act and King III;
• The importance of policies and guidelines;
• The importance of a Chief Social Media Officer or someone performing that duty;
• Intellectual Property in a Social Media world;
• The impact of Social Media on legal issues such as Discovery, Defamation and similar issues

Changing norms, expectations and opportunities for different legal approaches

Paul Jacobson, Director, Web.Tech.Law

• Secrecy and reputation under a collective spotlight;
• Alternative approaches to content licensing (aka giving your customers more than they expect);
• Legal: not just a checkbox, an opportunity to do better.

Brand Protection, trademark and intellectual property
Darren Olivier, Partner, Adams & Adams

Competition Act – the regulation of marketing campaigns and what marketers should look out for?
Aidan Scallan, Senior Associate: Competition Department, Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs

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