Product knowledge impacts sales floor

Just how much of an impact can product knowledge and helpful expertise make on the sales floor?

Delivering answers to the age-old question, Experticity has unveiled a study of 63 000 sales associates showing knowledgeable retail associates sell 87% more.

Led by Wharton professor, Marshall Fisher, the study quantifies the value of unique, interactive training in building helpful experts on the sales floor

With retail earnings once again reporting a downward trend, it is clear that competing in today’s retail market requires a more data-driven approach to analysing investments that impact the in-store experience.

The key findings include:
* Individuals who engage are selling a lot more on the sales floor. The study shows that sales associates who completed as little as one module sold 69% more than those who didn’t. And associates who completed six or more modules sold 123% more than those who took none.

* Individuals who engage with a brand sell a lot more of that brand. Brand sales were 87% higher for sales associates who engaged with just one module for that brand vs. those who didn’t engage at all.

*Sales performance increases because of interaction. Sales associates who took one interactive course containing an average of three modules sold a full 9.5% more after taking the training.

Learn more about the study and results that prove the importance of well-trained sales associates in this informative report at

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